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parasite intern SQ

The host in which the parasite reaches maturity is the: a) intermediate host b) definitive host c) reservoir host d) dead-end host B
In this type of symbiotic relationship, one partner benefits & the other neither benefits nor is harmed: a) mutualism b) photism c) commensalism d) parasitism C
The tsetse fly that transmits African sleeping sickness is considered a: a) Pest b) dead-end host c) mechanical vector d) biological vector D
Int his type of symbiotic relationship both species benefit: a) mutualism b) commensalism c) parasitism d) opportunism A
The definitive host for Plasmodium species is the: a) human b) mosquito c) dog d) tick B
Pinworm infection is generally diagnosed by the: a) floatation method b) cellophane tape test c) ethyl acetate conc method d) direct wet mount B
If the exam. of a stool specimen for ova & parasite is going to be delayed, the specimen should be: a) placed in fixative soln. b) frozen c) discarded d) left at room temp A
This ameoebae is known to cause meningitis, & its trophozoite form may be seen in the CSF of infected pts: a) Schistosoma mansoni b) Entamoeba histolytica c) Giardia lamblia d) Naeglaria fowleri D
One indication of helminth infection may be an elevated number of this type of WBC: a) neutrophil b) basophil c) eosinophil d) monocyte C
The motility of protozoan parasites is best demonstrated by: a) direct saline mount b) conc technique c) Gomori's trichrome stain d) iodine wet mount A
Thick & thin blood smears to detect Plasmodium should be stained w/: a0 trichrome stain b) wright-giemsa stain c) acid fast stain d) gram stain B
The common name for Enterobius vermicularis is: a) hookworm b) pinworm c) tapeworm d) fluke B
For the diagnosis of Acanthamoeba keratitis, the specimen of choice is: a) sputum b) urine c) skin biopsy d) corneal scrapings D
The specimen of choice for the diagnosis of Plasmodium species, Babesia species, & filarial nematodes is: a) sputum b) feces c) duodenal aspirate d) whole blood D
When trying to recover the microfilariae of Wuchereria bancrofti, the blood should be collected after 10 PM because the organism has: a) an intraerythrocytic cycle b) dirunal periodicity c) nocturnal periodicity d) sequestered antigens C
protozoan parasite considered to cause the most common of the std'S. It can be ID by its shape & jerky motility in wet mounts of vaginal discharge: a) Trichomonas vaginalis b) Toxoplasma gondii c) Giardia lamblia d) Cryptosporium species A
Consistency of the stool may indicate the type of protozoan present. Formed stools are MORE likely to reveal: a) cysts b) trophozoites c) both cytsts & trophozoites d) no parasites A
A protozoan cyst 16 microns a conc. fecal spec. has 4 nuclei, w/ even periph chromatin, cntrl sm. karyosome, & rnd'd chromd'l bars cytoplasm. The organism is most likely: a) Endolimax nana b) Iodamoeba butschii c) Entamoeba coli d) Entamoeba histolytica D
No cyst stage has been ID for: a) Dientamoeba fragilis b) Iodamoeba butschlii c) Chilmastix masnili d) Entamoeba coli A
The protozoan trophozoite that is MOST likely to demonstrate ingested RBCs is: a) Endolimax nana b) Iodamoeba butschlii c) Entamoeba histolytica d) Entamoeba coli C
The only flagellate that is a parasite of the human urogenital system is: a) Trichomonas hominis b) Trichomonas vaginalis c) Giardia lamblia d) Dientamoeba fragilis B
Protozoan trophozoite teardrop-shaped & bilateral symmetry. It contains 2 nuclei, 2 dark-staining parabasal bodies, 4 pairs of flagella, & a large sucking disk: a) Trichomonas hominis b) Giardia lamblia c) Chilomastix masnili d) Trichomonas vaginalis B
In the life cycle of malaria, sporozoites are formed in the : a) tsetse fly b) human RBCs c) Anopheles mosquito d) human liver cells C
The definitive host of Toxoplasma gondii is the: a) human b) cat c) dog d) flea B
The infective stage of the malarial parasite is the: a) merozoite b) schizont c) sporozoite d) gametocyte C
Naeglaria fowleri is a free-living amoebae that causes: a) amebic dysentery b) primary amebic meningoencephalitis c) pneumocystosis d) granulomatous amoebic encephalitis B
The vector of Lyme disease is: a) Pediculus species b) Ioxedes species c) tsetse fly d) Chrysops species B
The infective stage of Stronglyoides stercoralis is the: a) embryonated egg b) rhabditiform larva c) filariform larva d) adult worm C
The worm that would be suspected if helminth eggs were found in a pt's sputum sample is: a) Clonorchis sinensis b) Paragonimus westermani c) Enterobius vermicularis d) Taenia solium B
The specimen of choice for the diagnosis of enterobiasis is: a) freshly passed feces b) sputum c) scotch tape prep d) liver aspirate C
Anterior end of a tapeworm; attaches to the wall of the intestine of a host by means of suckers & sometimes hooks: a) proglottid b) scolex c) onchosphere d) coracidium B
Diagnosis of this helminth is based upon the presence of oval or football-shaped eggs w/ polar plugs in fecal specimens; a) Ascaris lumbricoides b) Diphyllobothrium latum c) Enterobius vermicularis d) Trichuris trichiura D
All of the following organisms require one or more intermediate hosts EXCEPT: a) Fasciolopsis buski b) Paragonimus westermanii c) HYmenolepsis nana d) Taenia solium C
A gravid proglottid of this tapeworm will characteristically contain 1-12 lateral uterine branches: a) Taenia saginata b) Taenia solium c) Fasciola hepatica d) Diphyllobothrium latum D
Heavy infection w/ this nematode can cause colonic or rectal prolapse: a) Taenia saginata b) Trichuris trichiura c) Clonorchis sinensis d) Paragonimus westermanii B
Clonorchis sinensis is also known as: a) Oriental liver fluke b) sheep liver fluke c) lung fluke d) dwarf tapeworm A
One of the following parasites lacks an internal digestive system & absorbs predigested food through its cuticle: a) nematode b) trematode c) cestode d) flea C
The MOST COMMON agent of cystiercosis is: a) Diphyllobothrium latum b) Ascaris lumbricoides c) Trichuris trichiura d) Taenia solium D
Human infection w/ Diphyllobothrium latum results from consuming infected: a) freshwater fish b) pork c) snails d) saltwater fish A
The microfilaria of this nematode is sheathed & has a pointed tail that is devoid of nuclei: a) Brugia malayi b) Loa loa c) Wuchereria bancrofti d) Onchocerca volvulus C
Unlike the cestodes, which are hermaphroditic, the Schistosomes have separate sexes & are considered: a) monecious b) dioecious c) asexual d) infertile B
The specimen of choice for the recovery of Schistosoma haematobium eggs is: a) blood b) feces c) urine d) sputum C
Control of a flea infestation is different from control of lice. Why? a) fleas are much more resistant to insecticides b) fleas reproduce off the host, laying eggs in the environment c) fleas are larger than lice d) fleas don't need a blood meal B
Diseases produced by rickettsiae are transmitted to humans by: a) an arthropod vector b) contact w/ stagnant water contaminated w/ rat urine c) pigeon droppings d) ingestion of contaminated food products A
The term" internal autoinfection' is generally used in referring to infection w/: a) Ascaris lumbricoides b) Necator americanus c) Trichuris trichiura d) Stronglyoides stercoralis D
Body lice, which infest humans, are known by the genera: a) Phthirus spp. b) Pediculus spp. c) Sarcoptes spp. d) Ixodes spp. B
The largest of the roundworms to inhabit the human GI tract is: a) Ascaris lumbricoides b) Trichuris trichiura c) Stronglyoices stercoralis d) Trichinella spiralis A
Fasciola hepatica is a: a) tapeworm b) roundworm c) fluke C
The common name for Ancyclostoma duodenale is: a) old-world hookworm b) pinworm c) whipworm d) threadworm A
Xenodiagnosis is used for which parasite? a) Schistosoma mansoni b) Trypanosoma cruzi c) Loa loa d) Wuchereria bancrofti B
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