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Our Town

English 2 exam review

Name a theme from the story and list a quote with it to help develop the particular theme (1) People were not mean't to go through life alone. "They were mean't to go through it two by two."
Name a theme from the story and list a quote with it to help develop the particular theme (2) Man often takes life for granted. "You've got to love life to have a life, and you've got to have life to love life."
Name a theme from the story and list a quote with it to help develop the particular theme (3) Man is blind to how wonderful life is. "Live people don't understand do they, they are all shut up in their own little boxes, aren't they?"
Whose appendix burst on a camping trip? Wally Webb
Who is the undertaker? Joe Stoddard
Whose maiden name was Julia Hersey? Mrs. Gibbs
Who wanted to work on Uncle Luke's farm? George Gibbs
Wbo was the milkman? Howie Newsome
Who was the organist who hung himself? Simon Stimson
Who was the town gossip? Mrs. Soames
Who married George Gibbs? Emily Webb
Who died in France during the war? Joe Crowell, Jr.
Who was the editor of the Sentinel? Mr. Webb
What state is Grover's Corners in? New Hampshire
Who knows everyone in Grover's corners? The narrator of Our Town
True or False? Mrs. Webb once had a nervous breakdown. False, she did not
True or False? Simon Stimson wrote his own epitaph. True, he did (music notes)
Who saved money when she was little? Rebecca Gibbs
Who knows a lot about Napoleon? Mr. Webb
Where does Grover's corners lie? The Pleistocne granite of the Appalachian range
True/False? Emily Webb never doubts for a second that she wants to get married. False, she does doubt
True/False? Grover's corners has a population of more than 5,000. False, about 2,600
Who was one of the brightest girls to ever graduate from Grover's Corners High School? Emily Webb
True/false? Doc Gibbs says Mrs. Gibbs sings like a lark. False, he says she sings like a crow
A man from Boston offers Mrs. Gibbs $350 dollars for what? Grandmother Wentworth's highboy
What political party does Mr. Webb say that 86% of Grover's Corners is? Republicans
Why was Doc Gibbs worried before he married Mrs. Gibbs? He was worried that they wouldn't have anything to talk about
What is the weather the day Emily Webb is buried? rainy
Why is Emily nervous when she goes to the cemetery? She does not know what to expect
What does Emily notice for the first time when Father Gibbs places flowers on Mother Gibbs' grave? living people look troubled most of the time
What event does Emily go back and re-live? Her 12th birthday
What does Emily discover when she returns to the living? The living don't appreciate life while they have it
Who are the only people who "realize life" while they live it, according to the stage manager? the saints and poets
Where does Doc Gibbs make a special trip to once every 2 years? Antietam and Gettysburg
True/false? People in Grover's Corners never lock their doors. False, they begin to when robbers start to come around in Act 3
What do most young people in Grover's Corners do soon after they graduate from High school? get married
What does Mr. Webb say about marriage? That it is a "wonderful thing"
True/false? George Gibbs thinks most men come close to being perfect. False
Define Lugubriousness sadness
Define sentimentality excessive emotion; feelings/ emotions [about the past]
Define epitaph the writing on a grave/ tombstone
Define alacrity quickly without delay; quickness/ swiftness
Define vestige trace or evidence
Define savant scholar [ex Professor Willard]
Did most of the farmers in Grover's Corners go to State Agricultural School? No, they did not
True/False? Grover's Corners has an opera, theater, and an art museum. False, the town enjoys -watching the sun rise in the morning -watching the birds -the changing of the seasons
True/False? Emily and George buy a house with the money they inherit from George's mother. False, they buy a cement drinking fountain for their stock on their farm
Who handles all the funerals in Grover's Corners? Joe Stoddard
Who was Bessie? Howie Newmsome's horse
Who was Rebecca Gibbs? George Gibb's sister, Doc and Mrs. Gibbs daughter [age 11]
Who was Professor Willard? He tolf the history of Grover's Corners...Professor of Grover's Corners State University
Who was constable Warren? Grover's Corners only policeman
Who was Farmer McCarthy? Farmer; Sam Craig used to do his chores
Who was the the stage manager? The narrator of the story
Who was Mr. Norgan? The drugstore owner
Who was Mr. Soames? Husband to Louella [the gossipy lady]
What was named after Dr. Gibbs? The hospital
Who was Silas Peckham? A man whose farm had unique fossils that were found on it
Define Trellis a structure used for flowers and vines to grow on
Define proscenium the area in front of the curtain on a stage
Identify 3 ways that Wilder shows the connection between the characters and all of mamkind. 1) Jane Crofut recieving ledder when sick from minister with the extending from address 2) song "Blessed be the tie that Binds" daily occurances/routine bind mankind together 3) The title "Our Town" can relate to any town anywhere
What needs to happen to an antagonist in classical comedy? A reformation (or change) of the antagonist so that he will fit into society
What was Aristotle's definition of imitation? actions that an audience can relate to (fear, anger, death)
In classical comedy, what is the main character fighting against? The main character, The character we know the most about
What are the elements of stagecraft? (5) scenery, lighting, movement, gesture, costume
What are three different roles played by the stage manager? clergyman, Mr. Morgan, minister
Who was Aristotle? A greek philosopher who was the first to define drama
Define Expressionism Life of the mind, expresses feelings and emotions, influenced by August Strindberg, a swedish playwright
Give 5 reasons Our Town is a modern play with examples 1)not always a resolution- living still take life for granted 2) little plot- it shows themes and emotion more 3)deals with ordinary people- family, work, school 4) experimentalism- narrator talks to the audience 5) ordinary problems-nerves, death/los
What three things must a play contain according to Aristotle? 1) a plot that contains and beginning, middle, and an end 2) a conflict 3) a decision that leads to a resolution
main character protagonist
What are dialogue and stagecraft? Languages of drama
List 4 characteristics from a Shakepearean play with an example from the play for each 1)
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