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Hem2 Chp30 practice

Chp30 in Hem2 for DelTech Owens classes

Cytochemical stains aid in differentiating morphologically similar cells by identifying what 4 things? 1) enzymes 2) lipids 3) glycogen 4) other substances in cells
Cytochemical reactions can be __ or __. enzymatic or nonenzymatic
__ smears must be used to detect enzymatic activity. fresh
Nonenzymatic procedures may be performed on specimens that have been stored at __ __. room temperature
MPO stains __ granules. primary
MPO is useful in differentiating __ from __ cells. granulocytic from lymphoid
SBB stains __ and has similar results to MPO stain. lipids
Cells of monocytic origin can be differentiated using __. esterases
PAS stains yield positive results in specimens with __. ALLs
PAS stains yield positive results in specimens with __ __ in erythroid __ and __ syndromes. erythroid precursors and myelodysplastic syndromes
LAP is most useful in distinguishing __ from __ reactions. CML from leukomoid reactions
Specimens from patients with CML have very low __ scores. LAP
Hairy cell leukemia specimens yield positive results if stained with __ phosphatase with __ inhibition. acid phosphatase with tartrate inhibition
For most cytochemical stains, a blood film containing what 3 kinds of cells is acceptable as a control sample? neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes
SBB smears may be stable for __ if stored at room temperature. months
Which cytochemical stain can be used to differentiate AML from ALL? MPO
SBB stains the __ components of cells. lipid
Hairy cell leukemia cells produce an abundance of isoenzyme _. isoenzyme 5
An LAP score of 250 is consistent with a diagnosis of __ reaction. leukemoid reaction
a-naphthyl butyrate is __ esterase. nonspecific
a-naphthyl butryate reacts with cells of which WBC lineage? monocytic
LAP is used to evaluate mature __ and __. neutrophils and bands
What 3 stains will yield a positive result for a normal blood film? 1) MPO 2) a-Naphthyl acetate esterase 3) LAP
True or false: Phsphate buffered saline is a suitable fixative for slides that are to be cytochemically stained? false
Methanol, acetone, and formaldehyde are suitable for slides that are to be __ stained. cytochemically
Created by: IsaacJ
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