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Hem2 Chp29

Practice for Hem2 Del-Tech Owens chapter 29

Most malignancies of the hematopoietic system are acquired __ __. genetic diseases
Most leukocyte malignancies are not __. localized
Most leukocyte malignancies are __ at the initiation of the malignant process. systemic
For most leukocyte neoplasms, the direct cause of the malignancy is __. unknown
Known causes of leukocyte neoplasms include: (4 answers) environmental toxins, viruses, chemotherapy, familial predisposition
The FAB (French-American-British) classification system for leukocyte neoplasia is based primarily on __ and __ __. morphology and cytochemical staining
The WHO (World Health Organization) classification system for leukocyte neoplasia is emphasizes __ and __ changes. molecular and cytochemical changes
A single mutation can lead to a __ transformation of a cell. (Chromosomal transformation = mutation) malignant
Chromosomal transformations in hematologic malignancies illustrate that a single mutation can least to a malignant transformation by disrupting the __ __ of the cell. molecular machinery
Most chromosomal transformations (mutations) in leukemias involve __. oncogenes
Tumor suppressor genes contribute to the process of malignancy only if both alleles have been __ or __. lost or inactivated
The formation of oncogenes or the loss of tumor suppressor genes has molecular effects on the __ and __ of hematologic tissues. proliferation and differentiation
The 5 categories of treatment for leukocyte neoplasms are: chemo, radiation, supportive, targetd, stem cell transplantation
Which virus is known to cause lymphoid malignancies in humans? Epstein-Barr (mono)
Tumor suppressor genes cause cancers (like leukemia) when mutations result in a failure to __ __ __. prevent malignant processes
Oncogenes can be said to react in a dominant fashion because a mutation in a __ __ is enough for malignancy to develop. single allele
True of false: Acceleration of DNA catabolism is one of the cellular abnormalities produced by oncogenes. false
Three cell abnormalities caused by oncogenes are: apoptotic failure, suppression of DNA transcription, disruption of cell cycle processes
What are the 2 major subgroups of chemotherapeutic agents? phase specific and phase nonspecific
G-CSF is a supportive treatment for leukemia because it reduces the risk of __. infection
Imatinib is a __ __ treatment for leukemia. targeted therapy
Monoclonal antibodies can kill cancer cells by what 3 mechanisms? 1) binding to the cancer cells and causing the immune system to destroy them 2) activating complement on the cell's surface 3) increasing the rate of apoptosis in the cancer cells
What 3 areas of the body are stem cells harvested from for transplantation? 1) bone marrow 2) peripheral blood 3) umbilical cord blood
Allogeneic transplantation has a __ long-term success rate than autologuous bone marrow transplantation. better
Created by: IsaacJ
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