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Internet and www


ActiveX A programming interface developed by Microsoft for Windows. This set of rules controls Windows applications that are downloaded from the Internet and then run in a browser
Client A type of computer program that makes a service request from a server
Cookie A small text file that Web sites put on your computer to store information about you and your preferences
Digital certificate An electronic document similar to an ID card
Domain Identifies a computer or Web site on the Internet
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Used to upload (send) files from one computer to another and retrieve (download) files from a server to a computer
Home page The first page that appears in the browser when you visit a Web site
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) A text-based program that creates hyperlinked documents.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) A language computers use to transmit hypertext documents over the Internet
Internet Protocol (IP) address A numerical addressing system that uniquely identifies computers and networks linked to the Internet
Internet service provider (ISP) An organization or company that provides connectivity to the Internet through a telecommunications line or wireless system
Mosaic The first graphical browser
Podcast A method of publishing files (primarily audio) to the Internet that can be streamed or downloaded for playback on a computer or a personal digital audio player
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Also known as Rich Site Summary and RDF Summary, is a format originally developed to syndicate news articles online, and is now widely used to share the content of blogs
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) A protocol for managing the security of message transmissions on the Internet
Uniform Resource Locator (URL) The address of a Web page, FTP site, audio stream, or other Internet resource
Web 2.0 Also called the participatory Web, this term has several definitions, although the most popular one refers to Web sites where users can modify the content
Web cache A temporary storage area on your computer for collecting data
Web site A collection of related HTML-formatted Web pages located on the World Wide Web
Wiki A collaborative Web site that people can use to add, edit, remove, and organize Web page content
Created by: TaimKhan2000