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The Global Marketpla

10.1 Lexie Smail

The interconnected economics of the nations of the world Global Economy
Involves the exchange of goods and services between nations International Trade
A company that does business in many countries and has facilities and officers around the world Multinational Corporation
Specific area of business or industry such as book trade Trade
Goods and services that one country sells to another counrty Exports
The difference of value between a country's imports and exports over a period of time Balance of Trade
The ability of a country or company to produce a particular good more efficiently than another country or company Comparative Advantage
The price at which one currency can buy another currency Exchange Rate
The practice of the government putting limits on foreign trade to protect businesses at home Protectionism
A tax placed on imports to increase the price in the domestic market Tariff
A limit placed on quantities of a product that can be imported Quota
A ban on the import or export of a product Embargo
Occurs when there are few or no limits on trade between countries Free Trade
Applying to, characterized by, or distinguishing something particular,special, or unique Specific
To give support or relief to Sustains
One who engages in a pursuit or activity professionally Professionals
A means of carrying or transporting something Vehicles
A disagreement Disputes
To confine within bounds Restrict
To act or work with another or others Cooperate
A discussion marked sspecially by the expresssion of opposing views Controversy
Exchange of goods and services in a country Domestic Trade
Exchange of goods and services internationally World Trade
Focus on a particular activity, area, or product Specialize
Mostly made up of banks which different currencies are exchanges Foreign Exchange Market
To limit competition from other countries, governments develop these Trade Barriers
Serveral countries merge their economies into one huge market Trade alliances
Created by: alexus_smail