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Formulas 1

FormulaAction & IndicationSymptoms Contra & Caution Modifications
Gui Zhi Tang (Cinnamon twig) -Gui Zhi K 9g -Bai Shao EV 9g -Sheng Jiang 9g - Da Zao 12pcs -Zhi Gan Cao 6g Action: release PTF from muscle layer, regulate Ying & Wei Qi Indica: extr def syn cuz by wind cold Chill & fever unrelieve by sweat, aver to wind no thirst, stiff neck, h/a, nasal congest, sneez dry heave, N/V, smilar patient recover frm serious ill or childbirth T. nor, thin w moist t/c P. Sup mo or Sup weak Contra: extr cold plus inter heat: fever thirst sore throat, rapid pulse Caution: summer: hot weather (nose bleed may occur) -Nasal congest w/ sneezing: Fang Feng, Xin Yi Hua -SOB and rough breath: Hou Po, Xing Ren -Swollen heavy sense in head: Ju Hau, Chan Tui -Profuse sweat: increase Bai Shao, decrease Gui Zhi (1/3) sheng jiang(1/3) zhi gan cao(1/3) add Huang Qi, Fang Feng
Ren Shen Bai Du San -Qiang Huo K 30g -Du Huo K 30g -Chuan Xiong 30g -Chai Hu 30g -Bo he 6g -Jie Geng 30g -Zhi ke 30g -Qian Hu 30g -Sheng Jiang 6g -Ren Shen 30g -Fu Ling 30g -Gan Cao 15g Action: release extr, dispel wind cold damp, augment Qi to expel ptf Indica: extr wind-cold-damp with Qi def High fever & severe chill w/ shivering, abs sweat, pain stiff head & neck, sore & pain extremity, nasal congest w/ sonorous breath, productive cough, focal disten & full of chest T. nor, greasy w t/c P. Sup, soft possi weak Contra: heat cond. (warm dry property) Caution: none -Malaria: increase Chai Hu, add Huang Qin, Bing Lang
Yin Qiao San -Jin Yin Hau 30g(9-15) -Lian Qiao 30g(9-15) -Jie Geng 18g(3-6) -Niu Bang Zi 18g(9-12) -Bo He 18g(3-6) -Dan Dou Chi 15g(3-6) -Jing Jie 12g (6-9) -Dan Zhu Ye 12g(3-6) -Xian Lu Gen 15-30g -Gan Cao 15g(3-6) Action: disperse wind heat, clear heat, relieve toxic Indica: extr wind heat w/ toxic Fever, sli or no chill, thirst, sore throat, cough/ h/a, boils, sore T. normal red tip, thin w or thin Y t/c P. Sup rapid Contra: none Caution: ineffective w/ damp heat pattern -Severe thrist: Tian Hau Fen -Severe sore throat: Mabo, Xuan Shen (*sore throat cuz by Yin def Xuan Shen, cuz by Toxic Ban Lan Gen, cuz by W-H Nui Bang Zi -stifling sense in chest: Huo Xiang -pronou cough: Xing Ren
Sang Ju Yin -Sang Ye 7.5g -Ju Hua 3g -Lian Qiao 4.5g -Bo He 2.4g -Jie Geng 6g -Xing Ren 6g -Lu Gen 6g -Gan Cao 2.4g Action: release extr wind heat, stop cough by facilitate flow of Lu Qi Indica: extr wind heat cuz cough cough, sli fever, sli thrist, sli sore throat, possi red painf eyes T. nor red t/b, thin w t/c P. Sup rapid Contra: cough d/t extn wind cold Caution: none -pronou thrist: Tian Hua Fen -Vicous, Y sputum diff to expectorate: Gua Lou Pi, Zhe Bei Mu -Sore throat: Ma Bo, Niu Bang Zi -W-h effect eyes: Bai Ji Li, Jue Ming Zi, Xia Ku Cao -Qi L. dry: Shi Gao, Zhi Mu -Ying L. heat w/ dark red t.: Xuan Shen, Xi
Qing Hao Bei Jia Tang (Artemisia Annua & softshell turtle decoc) -Bei Jia K 15g -Qing Hao K 6g -Sheng Di Huang 12g -Zhi Mu 6g -Mu Dan Pi 9g Action: Nourish Yin, vent heat Indica: Yin Def w/ heat in Ying Level during later stage febrile dz Night faver & morning coolnes w/ absen of sweat as fever resedes, emaciation w/ no loss appetite T. red little t/c P. thread rapid Contra: Qi level heat (early stage febrile dz), spasm, convulsion Caution: none -Lu Consumption: Sha Shen, Han Lian Cao -summertime night fever & morning cool for children: Bai Wei, Lain Geng -Blazing fire from def: Bai Wei, Di Gu Pi -heat in 5 center, Y urine, Red t. w/ Y t/c: Bai Mao Gen -fever unknow origin d/t yin def: Di Gu
Qing Wei San (Clear St powder) -Huang Lian 1.8g (3-6) -Sheng Ma 3g. (3-6) -Mu Dan Pi 1.5 (6-9) -Sheng Di Huang 0.9 (6-12) -Dang Gui 0.9 (6-12) Action: drain st fire, cool blood, nourish Yin Indica: heat accu in St toothache (esp when pain extend to head), facial swelling, feve, bad breath, dry mouth, bleed sore of gum, swoll painf t. lip or jaw, painful area repond to cold & worse by heat T. red t w/ little t/c P. sliperry large rapid Contra: toothache d/t wind cold. tooth and gum problem d/t Kd def Caution: None -strong thrist w/ desire for cold drink: Subti Dang Gui w/ Xuan Shen, Tain Hua Fen -Heat in Li w/ constipa: Da Huang
Huang Lian Jie Du Tang (Coptis decoc to relieve toxic) -Huang Lian 9g -Huang Qin 6g -Huang Bai 6g -Zhi Zi 6-12g Action: drain fire & relieve toxic Indica: fire-toxic by exc heat in 3 Jiao hi fiver, irri, dry m & thr, incoh speeh, insom, dark urine, nose bleed or vomit of blood d/t heat exc; carbun deep root boil, other toxic swelling, dysen disor or jaundice d/t damp heat T. red, Y t/c P. rapid forceful Contra: only for strong consti (bitter cold herb), not for long term use (easy injure Yin) Caution: heat in Yin or blood level (easy injure Yin) -Constp: Da Huang -Jaun d/t obst frm heat: Yin Chen, Da Huang -dysen, disor w/ blood & mucus in stool, tenes: Mu Xiang, Bing Lang, Qin Pi -Damp h LJ w/ urge urine, discom: Mu Tong, Ze Xie, Che Qian Zi -Nose bleed, vomit bl, pupura: Sheng Di Huang, MuD
Xie Xin Tang (Drain epigastrium decoc) -Da Huang 6g -Haung Lian 3g -Haung Qin 3g Action: drain fire, relieve toxic, dry damp Indica: damp heat exc w/ interior clumping fever, irri & restless, flush face, R eye, dark urine, consti, delir speech in severe case, epig focal disten, Jaun, diarrh, dysen, vomit of bl or nosebleed, red swol eye & ear, T & M ulcer, abscess T. greasy Y t/c Contra: none Caution: none -trigeminal neuralgia: Quan Xie, Wu Gong, Chan Tui -Both yang ming and Jue Yin h/a: Si Ni San
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang (gentiana Longdancao decoc to drain liver) Action: drain fire frm Lv-Gb, clear & drain damp from LJ Indica: Lv-Gb fire attack upward pain in hypochon, H/A, dizzy, red & sore eyes, hearing loss, swell ears, bitter taste in mouth, irri, short temper T. red t/b, Y t/c P. stri-t, rapid forceful Contra: none Caution: Formula can harm Sp, should not take long term or in large dose. nor in case w/ sp def or injure of fluid -severe h/a & painful eye: Ju Hua, Sang Ye -cough bl d/t Liv fire insult Lu: Mu Dan Pi, Ce Bai Ye -Pale red leuc, stri-t rapid p: Chi Shao, Lian Xu -tremor: Gou Teng, Chuan Bei Mu
Dao Chi San (Guide out the red powder) -Sheng Di Huang 15-30g -Mu Tong 3-6g -Dan Zhu Ye 3-6g -Gan Cao 3-6g Action: clear Heart, promote urination Indica: heat in Heart & SI chnel irri w/ sens of heat in chest, thirst w/ desire to drink cold, red face, possi sore around mouth, dark scanty rough pain urine, clear visible blood in urine T. red P. rapid Contra: none Caution: in case w/ sp-st def Yin Def: Shi Hu, Zhi Mu -blood in urine: Han Lian Cao, Bai Mao Gen -Ulcer sore around mouth: Wu Ling San -Melena: Di Yu
Bai Tou Weng Tang (Pulsatilla decoc) -Bai Tou Weng 6g -Huang Lian 9g -Huang Bai 9g -Qin Pi 9g Action: clear heat, relieve toxic, cool blood, alleviate dysen Indica: hot dysen disor d/t heat toxin searing St and Intestines abdm pain, tenesmus, burn sens around anus, diarrhea contain more blood than pus T. red t. w/ yellow P. stri-t, rapid Contra: Sp Yang Def Caution: not for long term ( cold and bitter herb easy to injure Sp yang) -Amebic dysen: Shi Liu Pi -Bacillary dysen: Qin Pi, Di Yu, Xian He Cao, Mu Xaing -severe tenesmus: Mu Xiang, Bai Shao, Bing Lang
Bai Hu Tang (white tiger decoc) -Shi Gao K 30g -Zhi Mu D 9g -Geng Mi A 9-15g -Zhi Gan Cao E 3g Action: Clear Qi level heat, drain St-fire, generate fluid & alleviate thirst Indica: 4 big sym d/t exc heat in Qi level Yang Ming Chnl Hi fever, aver to heat w/c aver to cold, severe thrist w/ desire cold drink, profuse sweat, red face, irri, incoh speech, h/a, toothache, bleed gum & nose T. red dry Y t/c P. surge, forcf or rolling rapid Contra: fever d/t sp-st qi def, spon sweat, extreme fatique, aver to wind, sup def p. or True cold False heat Caution: should stop in h/a, stiff neck, cold limb, subj cold sens, impair mental -wast thir disor or heat that severe injure fluid result in thri, irri, insa hunger: Tian Hua Fen, Lu Gen, Mai Men Dong -red swollen eye & excru h/a: Huang Lian, Huang Qin -pain swoll gum, h/a, nose bleed, dry m. thirst const d/t lu heat St fire: Da Hua
Ma Zi Ren Wan (Hemp seed pill) Action: moisten intestine, drain heat, promote movement of Qi, unblock bowel indica: heat-induce dry in St & intestine constip w/ hard stool that is diff to expel, freq urine T. dry Y t/c P. submerge (deep), rapid or sup, hesitant Contra: pregnancy Caution: weak patient (need to modify d/t drain, dispers or purgtive herb) -severe injure fluid: bai Zi Ren, Gua Lou Ren -severe heat accom w/ Y t/c & rapid p: increse Da Huang, add Mang Xiao -severe debil: Subti Fan Xie Ye w/ Da Huang -Hemorrhoid: Tao Ren, Dang Gui -Bleed hemorrhoid: Huai Hua Mi, Di Yu
Da Cheng Qi Tang (Major order the Qi Decoc) -Da Huang K 12g exc -Mang Xiao D 9-12g dryness -Zhi Shi A 12-15g distension -Hou Po A 24g Fullness Action: vigorous purge heat accu, clear heat frm St & intestine, purge heat & loose bowels indica: severe pattern of Yang Ming Fu severe constip & faltulence, focal disten & abdm full, abdm pain increse on pressure, tense & firm abd. insevere tidal fever, deliri speech, profuse sweat frm palm & sole T. dry Y or dry black t/c w/ prickles P. submerge, exc Contra: pregnancy Caution: may cuz vomit & diarrhea, weak patient (when necessary use w/ tonic) -severe abd disten: Lai Fu Zi -sign of blood stasis: Tao Ren, Chi Shao -Hi fever, severe thri, rapid forcf p. (Yang ming chnl & organ): Zhi Mu, Shi Gao
Xiao Cheng Qi Tang (minor order the Qi decoc) -Da Huang K 12g -Hou Po D 6g -Zhi Shi D 6-9g Action: mild purge accu & regulate Qi, clear heat frm St & Intestine Indica: mild pattern of Yang Mi Fu Syn tidal fever, delirium, consti, focal disten, abd full, abd pain that not increase on pressure; also early stage of dysen disor w/ abd disten & tenesmus Contra: pregnancy Caution: may cuz vomit & diarrhea weak patient (when necess use w/ tonic) none
Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang (regulate St & order the Qi decoc) -Da Huang K 12g -Mang Xiao D 9-12g -Gan Cao A 6g Action: mild clear heat & purge accu indica: St & intestine dry heat pattern of Yang Ming Fu syn mild consti, w'c focal disten & abdm full but w/ irri, fever delirium, nosebleed, swollen, gum & throat, petechiae (subc bleeding) T. Yellow P. rolling rapid Contra: pregnancy Caution: may cuz vomit & diarrhea weal patient(if necess use w/ tonic) none
Run Chang Wan (moisten intestine pill) -Huo Ma Ren 15g -Tao Ren 9g -Dang Gui 9g -Sheng Di Huang 30g -Zhi Ke 30g Action: moisten intestine, unblock bowel indica: consti d/t desicate intestine (common in elderly debilitate, after childbirth Constip, lusterless skin & nail, dry mouth w/ an unquenchable thrist T. dry P. thin none -heat sign: Zhi Mu, Yu Zhu
Si Ni San (frigid extremity powder) -Chai Hu 9-12g -Zhi Shi 9-12g -Bai Shao 12-24g -Zhi Gan Cao 6-9g Action: sooth liv Qi & regulate Sp, clear internal heat, reduce stag Indica: Liver Qi stag overact Sp, cuz Lv-Sp dishar w/ cold extremity cold finger & toe althoug body is warm sometime accom by sens of irri & full in chest & epigas, there also be abdm pain or severe diarrhea T. red t/b, Y t/c P. wiry none -painful mens: Dang Gui, Wu Yao, Xiang Fu, Yan Hu Suo -damp heat leucho w/ L abd pain & sore Lb: Er Miao San -Food Stag w/ abd pain: Shan Zha, Mai Ya, Ji Nei Jin -Pinpoint fix pain d/t bl stasis: Pu Huang, Wu Ling Zu, Dan Shen
Xiao Chai Hu Tang -Chai Hu 24g -Huang Qin 9g -Ban Xia 24g -Sheng Jiang 9g -Ren Shen 9g -Zhi Can Cao 9g -Da Zao 12 pcs Action: harmonize and release Shao Yang disor, Harmonize & tonify MJ Indica: Shao Yang Stage syn in cold dz alternate chill fever, dry thor, bitter & sour taste in m, dizzy, irri, sens of full in chest & hypochon (often experience as diffi in take deep breath) N&V, reduce appe T. thin w P. stri-t contra: exc above, def below w/ Liv fire or bleeding gum Caution: ascen Lv Yang, HTN, hematemesis d/t Yin def -pronou thrist: omit Ban Xia add Tian Hua Fen -UTI w/ chill fever urgent, freq urine: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan -Maralia; Qing Hao -vertigo: Ju Hua, Gou Teng, Jue Ming Zi -rough scanty dark pain urin: Jin quan Cao, Bai Hua she she cao
Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang (Pinellia decoc to drain epigastrium) -Ban Xia 9g -Gan Jiang 9g -Huang Qin 9g -Huang Lian 3g -Ren Shen 9g -Da Zao 12pcs -Zhi Gan Cao 9g Action: harmonize st and redirect rebel Qi, break up accu & relieve distension indica: St & intestine dishar w heat/cold interaction in Mj (Pi Syndrome) epigastric focal disten, full & tight w/ very sli or no pain, dry heave or frank vomit, borboryg w/ diarrhea, reduce appe T. thin Y greasy t/c P. stri-t rapid none -damp heat aggrage in MJ w/ vomit & focal disten: omit Ren Shen, Gan Jiang, Da Zao, Zhi Gan Cao, add Zhi Shi, Sheng Jiang
Xiao Yao San (Rambling powder) Action: sooth liv Qi, release depressed Qi, streng Sp & nourish Blood indica: Liv Qi Stag w/ Liv blood def & sp Qi def hypocho pain h/a, vertigo, bitter taste in m, dry m & thro, fatigue, reduce appe; may be alternate fever & chill & irre mens or distend breast T. pale red t/b P. stri-t, def none -severe hypochon pain w/ disten: omit Bai Zhu, add Xiang Fu -intense fixed pain d/t blood stasis: Mu Dan Pi, Yu Jin, San Leng -Vagina discharge: Jin Yin Hua, Guan Zhong -pain over liver w/ fatig & reduce appe: omit Wei Jiang, bohe add Xiang Fu, Fo Sho
Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San -Huo Xiang 90g(12) -Hou Po 60g(9) -Chen Pi 60g(9) -Zi Si Ye 30g(6) -Bai Zhi 30g(6) -Ban Xia 60g(9) -Da Fu Pi 30g(9) -Bai Zhu 60(12) -Fu Ling 30(9) -Jie Geng 60g(9) -Zhi Gan Cao 75(3) -Sheng Jiang 3-6 -Da Zao 1 pc Action: release extr & resolve dampness, regulate Qi & harmonize MJ indica: damp stag in MJ plus extn wind cold cuz vomit & diarrhea fever & chill, h/a, sens full & stifling oppress in chest, pain in epigastr & abdm, N&V, borbory, diarrhea, loss of taste T. w gresy t/c P. moderate soggy Contra: wind heat or fire d/t def (d/t warm and dry herb) Caution: none -severe wind cold: increase Zi Su Ye -food stag: omit Gan Cao, Da Zao add Zhen Qu, Ji nei Jin -severe damp w/ very thick, greasy t/c: subst Bai Zhu w/ Cang Zhu -Brief scanty urination: Mu Tong, Ze Xie
Ping Wei San ( Calm St powder) Action: resolve damp & streng Sp, regulate St Qi & harmonize MJ indica: damp cold stag in Sp-St Distend & full in epigast & abdm, loss taste & appet, heavy sens in limb, loose stool or diarrhea, easy fatigue, increse desire to sleep, N&V, belching, acid regurg T. swollen thick w. greasy t/c P. moderate rolling Contra: yin or blood def (d/t bitter acrid warm & dry herb) Caution: pregnacy -severe damp cold w/ generalize cold & pain: Rou Gui, Gan Jiang -Damp heat w/ bitter taste, dry thro w/ no thirst, Y greasy t/c: Huang Qin, Huang Lian -food stag w/ severe disten & consti: Lai Fu zi, Da Fu Pi, Zhe Ke -severe vomit: Ban Xia
Ba Zheng San -Mu Tong3-6g (K) -Hua Shi12-30g (D) -Che Qian Zi9-1Sg (D) -Qu Mai6-12g (D) -Bian Xu6-12g(D) -Zhi Zi 3-9g (A) - Zhi Da Huang 6-9g (A) -Deng Xin Cao 3-6g (E) -Gan Cao 3-9g (E) Action: clear heat & purge fire, drain damp & promote urination for tx Lin Syn Indica: damp heat clump in Lj cuz hot or bloody Lin Syn Dark, turbid, scanty, difficult and painful urination, dry mouth & throat. In severe cases there may be urinary retention, lower abd. distention & pain. T: greasy yellow coat P: slippery, rapid Contra: Deficiency-Cold or durin Pregnancy. *Caution: Long term use may cause weakness, light headedness, palpitations, and loss of appetite. -Blood p!ainful urinar dysfunction: increase Bian Xu, Add Bai Mao Gen, Xiao Ji -Stony painful urinary dysfunction: Jin Qiao Cao, Hai Jin Sha, Shi Wei, NiuXi -Cloudy painful urinary dysfunction: Bei Xie, Chang Pu
Wu Ling San (Five Ingredient Powder with Poria) -Ze Xie 4g (K) -Fu Ling 2.3g (D) -Zhu Ling 2.3g (D) -Bai Zhu 2.3g (A) -Gui Zhi l.5g (A) Action: promote urination, drain water damp & streg Sp, warm Yang & promote transf funct of Bladder Qi indica: ub water accu w/ possi extn wind cold, Tai Yang Fu Syn Headache, fever, irritability, thirst, vomiting immediately after drinking, urinary difficulty. T. thick w t/c possi greasy P. sup Contra: none Caution: For Spleen or Kidney Qi def Combine with formulas that tonify & nourish Sp/St to prevent injury of normal Qi. Overdose Sx: Dizziness, vertigo, bland taste, reduce appe. Modify for urinary difficulty with Yin deficiency. Severe edema: Sang Bai Pi, Chen Pi, Da Fu Pi :Cold-Damp Bi with thirst and dysuria: Qiang Huo :Damp-Heat diarrhea: Omit Bai Zhu, Gui Zhi, Add: Yin Chen Hao & Jin Yin Hua -Both exterior signs and edema :take with Yue Bi Tang
Wu Pi San ( Five peel powder) Action: promote urination, drain dampness to reduce edema, regulate Qi & streng Sp Indica: Sp Qi def w/ exc damp cuz skin edema; Pi Shui syndrome Generalized edema, heavy sensations in the whole body, fullness and distention in the epigastrium and abdomen, heavy and labored breathing, urinary difficulty. generalize edema during pregnancy T. white greasy t/c P. submerge moderate Contra: none Caution: severe Sp def (need to add sp tonic herb) Ext contracted wind w/edema above the waist: Fang Feng, Zi Su Ye, Jing Jie, Bai Zhi -Damp in LJ w/edema below the waist: Han Fang Ji, Che QianZi -LJ D-H w/edema below waist: Hua Shi, Che Qian Zi, Yi Yi Ren -Internal D-C: Gan Jiang, FuZi
Zhu Ling Tang (Polporus Decoction) -Fu Ling 3g (K) -Zhu Ling 3g (K) -Ze Xie 3g (D) -Hua Shi 3g (A) -E Jiao 3g (E) Action; Induce diuretic, clear heat & nourish Yin/fluid stop bleeding Indication: water & heat retension in Ub w/ Kd Yin injure cuz urinary difficult urinary difficulty with fever and thirst with desire to drink. May have diarrhea, cough, nausea, irritability, insomnia. T: red t/b, dry Y t/c P: thread rapid none -Severe thirst from Yin def: Sha Shen, Tian Hua Fen -Bloody, painful urinary dysfunction: Bai Mao Gen, Qu Mai, Xiao Ji -Hot, painful urinary dysfunction: Zhi Zi, Bian Xu
Juan Bi Tang (remove painful obstruction decoc) Action: remove wind-damp, alleviate painful obstruction indica: Joint pain d/t local obstruc of Qi from effect of wind damp cold Joint pain that increase w/ cold and diminish w/ warm possi accom by sens of heavy & numbess in limb T. thick W t/c P. slow poss slippery none -Wind predo pain obst: Fang Feng -Cold predo pain obstr: Fu Zi -Damp predo: Guang Fang Ji, Cang Zhu, Yi Yi Ren -pain 1st upper extre: Wei Ling Xian -Pain 1st Low extre: Nui Xi, Mu Gau
Zhen Wu Tang (True Warrior Decoction) -Fu Zi 9g (K) -Bai Zhu6g (D) -Fu Ling 9g (D) -Sheng Jiang 9g (A) -Bai Shao 9g (A) Action: warm Yang to promote urination & drain damp Indica: Kd & Sp Yang def cuz water retention Abd. pain aggravated by cold, urinary difficulty, deep aching & heaviness of extremities. May have generalized edema, loose stools, dizziness, heavy sensin head, cough, palpit, vomiting. T. pale or purple swoll w/ t/m w slipe t/c P. deep thread forceles none More pronounced Sp Yang Def with diarrhea: Omit: Bai Shao, Add Gan Jiang -Cough: Wu Wei Zi, Xi Xin, Gan Jiang -Frequent Urina: Fu Ling -Papi d/t Source Qi Def: Ren Shen -Papi wheezing, cough w/ copiou water sputum: Xi Xin, Wu Wei Zi
Xing Su San (apricot kernel & perilla leaft powder) Action: gently disperse cool-dryness, disseminate Lu Qi, transf congest fluid Indica: extn contract cool-dryness interfere w/ disseminate descend funct of Lu Qi sli h/a, chill w/o sweating, cough w/ watery sputum, stuff nose, dry throat T. dry w t/c P. stri-t none -absen sweat & very str-t or tight p: Qiang Huo -Diarrhea sensa of full in abdm: Cang Zhu, Hou Po -h/a involve supraorbital ridge: Bai Zhi
Bai He Gu Jing Tan (Lili bulb decoc to preserve the Metal) action: nourish Yin, moisten Lu, transf phlegm , stop coughing Indica: internal dryness of Lu d/t Lu & Kd yin def coughing w/ blood streak sputum, wheezing, dry & sore throat, hot palm and sole, night sweat T. red t. w/ little t/c P. thin, rapid Contra: extr cond. Caution: Sp def or food stag (need to modify d/t sweet cold and cloying nature) -copious sputum: Gua Lou Ren, Sang Bai Pi -cough profuse blood: omit Jie Geng add Bai MAo Gen, Xian He Cao -pronou fever & dark Y sputum: Zhi Mu, Yu Xing Cao -Lu cancer w/ yin def: Yu Xing Cao, Chi Shao, Bai Hua She, Ban Zhi Liang
Mai Men Dong Tang ( Ophipogonis Decoction) Action: benefit St, generate fluid, direct rebel Qi downward indica: Lu atrophy cough & spitting saliva, wheezing, SOB, dry & uncomf sensa in throat dry m. T. dry red t w/ little t/c P. def rapid p. Contra: Dampness, Lu atrophy d/t cold from def Caution: hi fever & irri, where ptf remain in extr and Qi & Yin have yet to be effected -severe depletion of fluid: Sha Shen, Yu Zhu -Tidal fever: Yin Chai Hu, Di Gu Pi -severe cough: Chuan Bei Mu, Gua Lou Ren
Wu Zhu Yu Tang (Evodia Decoction) -Wu Zhu Yu (Fr. Evodiae) 9-12g (K) -Sheng Jiang (Rz Zingiberis) 18g (D) -Ren Shen (Rx Ginseng) 9g (A) -Da Zao (Fr Zizphi Jujbae) 12 pieces (E) Action: warm MJ and tonify Qi, descend rebel St Qi to stop vomit indica1: St (yang Ming) def cold cuz rebel Qi indica2: Lv (Jue Yin) St def cold cuz H/A; dry heave or spit clear fluid w/ h/a at vertex vomit immediate ater eat, gnawing hunger, acid regur w/ or w/o epigast pain T. not red , w slippery t/c P. Thin slow, thin wiry Contra: vomit or acid regur d/t heat Caution: none -Severe vomiting or morning sickness: Sha Ren -Severe headaches: Chuan Xiong, Dang Gui -Severe cold: Chuan Jiao, Gan Jiang
Si Ni Tang (Frigid Extremities Decoction) -Fu Zi (Rx Lateralis Acontii) 6-9g (K) -Gan Jiang (Rx Zingiberis) 4.5g (D) -Zhi Gan Cao (Rx Glycyrrhizae) 6g (A) Action: warm Sp-Kd, recue devasted Yang indication1: KD Yang def w/ cold evil in Shao Yin stage (Yin Jue Syn) indica2: Yang collapse syn; profuse cold sweat, intorel to cold, somnolence T.pale w t/c, P. minute Extremely cold extremi, aver to cold, sleeping w/ knee drawn up, lethargic state w/ constant desire to sleep, vomit, diarrhea w/ undigest food particles, abdominal pain and cold, lack of thirst. T: pale with white slippery coat P: deep thin or deep, we Contra: Yan Jue (cold limb d/t Qi stag, blood def, True heat & false cold Caution: none -Intractable Arthritis due to Wind-Damp: Rou Gui, Bai Zhu -Edema or Leukorrhea due to cold from deficiency of Spleen and Kidney: Dang Shen, Fu Ling, ZeXie
Da Jian Zhong Tang ( Major Construct the Middle Decoction) -Chuan Jiao (Pc Zanthoxyli Bungeani)3-9g(K) -Gan Jiang (Rx Zingiberis Officinalis)12g D -Ren Shen (Rx Ginseng) 6g (A) -Yi Tang (Maltose) 18-30g (A) Action: warm & tonify MJ, descend rebel St Qi, relieve pain indica: Mj Yang def (root) plus vigorous Yin Cold (manifestation) Excruciating epigastric and abdominal pain (cannot tolerate being touched), strong cold sensation in epigastrium, vomiting to the point of being unable to eat, may have borborygmus . T: white slippery coat P: thin, tight or slow, wiry (if severe: hidden Contra: internal clumping, damp-heat, Yin & blood def Caution: none -Roundworms: reduce dose of Yi Tang, Add Wu Mei, Bing Lang, Shi Jun Zi -Strengthen pain-relieving action: Dan Shen, Yan Hu Suo, Mu Xiang, -Nausea: Ban Xia, Sheng Jiang -Numb hands and feet: GuiZhi
Xiao Jian Zhong Tang (minor construct M decoc) -Yi Tang 18-30g -Gui Zhi 9g -Shao Yao 18g -Zhi Gan Cao 6g -Da Zao 12 pcs Action: warm & tonify M burner, moderate spasmodic abdm pain indica: spasmodic abdm pain d/t consumptive def intermitten, spasmodic abdm pain repond to local apply of warm & pressure, lusterless complex, reduce appe, low grade fever, palpita, irri, cold & sore extremi w/ nonspecific discomf, dry m & thro T. pale t. w/ w t/c P. thin, str-t, moderate Contra: heat from def Caution: modify in patient w/ vomiting or roundworm, modify in case w/ abdm disten -severe cold: substi Rou Gui for Gui Zhi -relaspe d/t consumpti of raw cold food: increase Gui Zhi, add Wu Yao -concur Qi stag: Mu Xiang, Ji Nei Jin -diarrhea: Bai Zhu -roundworms: reduce Yi Tang, Bai Shao add Wu Mei
Li Zhong Wan (Regulate the Middle Pill) -Gan Jiang (Rx Zingiberis Officinalis) 9g(K) -Ren Shen (Rx Ginseng) 9g (D) -Bai Zhu (Rx Atractylodis) 9g (A) -Zhi Gan Cao (Rx Glycyrrhizae) 9g (E) Action: warm MJ & dispel cold, tonify Qi and strengthen Sp-St indica: def of Sp-st Diarrhea with watery stool, nausea and vomiting, no particular thirst, loss of appetite, abdominal pain that relieve by warm and pressure, fatigue, abdm distention T. pale t/b, w t/c P. deep thready Contra: extrn contract condition w/ fever or yin def (formula contain warm & dry herb) Caution: sudden tumoil disorder, stop takeing once vomit & diarrhea stop -Severe vomiting: Sheng Jiang -Bleeding due to Yang Def: substitute Pao Jiang for Gan Jiang, Add Huang Qi, Dang Gui, E Jiao - Palpitations: Fu Ling
Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang ( Bupleurum & Kudzu decoc to release muscle layer) Action: release PTF from muscle layer, clear inter heat, relieve pain Indication: Extr wind-cold tranf from Taiyang to Yang Ming Extr wind cold present charac by decrease chil and increase fever accom by H/A, stiff of extremity, orbit/eye pain, dry nose, insomnia T: red/normal, thin Y t/c P. sup, sli surging Contra: simple extr wind heat Caution: None -Severe chills w/o sweat: substitute Ma Huang for Huang Qin (increase dose in winter, reduce in spring). During summer & Fall, substitute Zi Su Ye instead. -No chills or headache: Omit: Qiang Huo & Bai Zhi -Dry M. tongue: Zhi Mu, Tian Hua Fen
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