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Comp 2 Hardware

HC - Comp 2 Hardware

What is a 'track' One of the concentric rings on a platter of a hard disk.
What is a 'sector' A subdivision of a track.
What is a 'disk block' the smallest unit of transfer between a computer and a disk; a disk sector.
What does USB stand for Universal Serial Bus; allows peripherals to be connected using a standard interface socket.
Define Access time The time from the start of one storage device access to the time when the next access can be started.
Is the statement 'Data in primary store can be accessed more quickly than data in secondary store', True or False? True
Is the statement 'Capacity of secondary store is limited by width of address bus whereas no limit on capacity of primary store', True or False? False
Is 'secondary storage' volatile or non-volatile? non-volatile
Is the statement 'primary store is volatile / temporary / non-permanent / loses contents when computer turned off' True or False? True
DVD disks are the same physical size as a CD. Why is the storage capacity for a DVD disk far larger than that of a CD? Recorded pit size is much smaller; Spiral spacing on DVD is closer/smaller; A “groove”, “track” Different wavelength of lasers; DVD multi-layered / double sided;
An online booking system uses Digital Audio Tape (DAT) as a backup medium and a magnetic hard disk for interactive booking. Why is DAT not suitable for the interactive booking? Data can only be written serially/ not a random access medium; A sequential for serial; Locating/finding/seeking data may take too long to be used as online store;
A computer system is made up of software and hardware. Explain what is meant by these two terms. Hardware: physical components // devices (that make up the computer) // electrical circuit // electrical components (that make up the computer); Software: programs/instructions that are run/executed (by the computer);
Created by: whiteauwielder