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Odyssey Stuff

Terms, characters and events from Homer's Odyssey

Character/Place/TermWhat it is
Odysseus Main character
Penelope Odysseus's wife
Telemakhos Odyseeus's son
Athena Godess of wisdom, helps Odysseus get home
Zeus King of the gods
Poseidon God of the sea, tries to stop Odysseus from getting home because Odysseus killed his son
Kalypso Godess who keeps Odysseus prisoner
Kirke Turns Odysseus's men into pigs, Odysseus stays at her house for one year
Skylla Monster with six heads who eats six of Odysseus's men
Charybdis Creature who sucks in water and makes a whirlpool
Ithaka Odysseus's home
Aiolos Guy who gives Odysseus winds in a bag
Xenia Greek code of hospitality
Polyphemos Cyclops who was Poseidon's son
Laertes Odysseus's dad
Eurykeia Old maid, first one to recognize Odysseus
Helios Sun god, Odysseus's men eat his cattle
Ogygia Kalypso's island
Nausikaa Princess that Athena sent to wash clothes by the river.
Antinoös Leader of the suitors
Agamemnon Goes out to war, comes home and is killed by his wife and lover
Klytaimnestra Agamemnon's wife
Aigisthos Killed Agamemnon
Hermes Messenger god
The Lotus Eaters Eat lotus flowers (containing opium) and are happy
The Sirens Girls who lure Odysseus but he has his men wear ear plugs
Alkinoös King of Phaiakians, Skheria
Melánthios goatherd, helps the suitors get weapons
Phemios Ministrel in Odysseus's hall
Olympos Mountain of the gods
Eumaios Swineherd
Arete Alkinoös's neice and wife
Nestor King of Pylos
Skheria Island of Phaiakians
Pylos Island of Nestor, first place Telemakhos went to check for his father
Menelaos Helen's husband, "red-haired king"
Helen of Troy Menelaos's wife, essentially starts the Trojan War
Elpenor One of Odysseus's men who fell off Kirke's roof and died
Teiresias Prophet in underworld
Nausithoos Home of Nausikka
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