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Module 1 Lesson 1


The Comptor is one of the most important_________ of the past century. Inventions
The first computers were developed in the late ________________ by the military and government. 1940s & 1950s
The first ____________ computor was built in 1976. The IBM PC was introduced in 1981. Apple
A computer is an _____ that follows a series of steps referred to as an informatio processing cycle Electronic device
A ____________ includes hardware, software, data, and people. Computor system
Special- purpose computers are used mostly to ________ other devices. Control
Genral-purpose computers are Divided into ______, based on their physical size, function, cost, and performance. Categorize
Computers take ______ and change it into information. Raw Data
You input programs and data with some type of ____ device. Output
The computer uses ____ to process the data and to turn it into information. instructions
You _______ the information to some type of output device send
You store it for later ___ Retrieval
The _____________ is a circuit board that contains intergral components. Mother Board
The central processing unit (GPU) is the ____ of the computer. Brains
The GPU has two primary sections: the ____ and the ___ Arithmetic ; logic
The arithmetic/logic unit (ALU) performs _____ computations and ________ operations. Arithmetic ; logical
The control unit ____ all of the processor`s activites. coordinates
You __________ with the computers through ____ languages Communicate ; programing
The computer uses machine language, or ____ binary, which is all 1s and 0s binary
In ________ language, the control unit sends out necessary ________ to execute the instructions. Machine ; Messages
The memory on the motherboard is ________, called random access memory (RAM). Short term
Data, information, and program instructions are stored ______ on RAM chip and disappear when the computer is turned off. Temporarily
The _____ is the amount of time it takes to retrieve instructions to perform a specified task and complete the command. Instruction cycle
The __________ refers to the amount of time it takes the CPU to execute the instruction and store the results in RAM execution cycle
Together, the instruction cycle and one or more execution cycles create a _________ Machine cycle
ROM chips store _______ instructions that are needed for computer peration. Specific
The more common of these is the BIOS ROM, containing instructions to ___________ when you turnon the computer Start the system
To keep a __________ of data, you must store it on a storage device permanent
Data is stored in __________ in a special log on the disk called a file allocation table (FAT) Numbered tracks
Hard disk _____ are speed and capacity. Advantages
Magnetic tape is primarily used for _______ and _____. Backup ; Data collection
Since the introduction of _________ drives and solid-stage media, disks are not as widely used. USB
Use _______ technology to read and write data on ________,like CDs and DVDs Laser ; Silver Platters
Removable medium that uses _______, such as USB flash drive. integrated circuits
Hard drive or tape connected to a _______ and is available to and shared by multiple users. Network
Keep away from ______ fields Magnetic
Avoid ______ temperatures. Extreme
Remove media from drive and ____ the properly when not in use. store
When handling DVDs and other opical discs, hold them at the _____ edges
Never try to ________ the media from a drive when the drive indicator light is on. Remove
Keep ________ in a sturdy case when transporting Discs
One of the major areas of change in the evolution of computers will be _________, or the ability to connect with other computers. connectivity
Wireless and mobile devices will become the ________. Normal
Computer _________, which is the knowledge and understanding of computers and their uses, will become even more important. literacy
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