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Grizzly CBA unit8

Microsoft Word Unit 8

<address block> and <greeting LIne> are examples of ___________ that are placed into the main document to show where variable information will be placed ? merge fields
A _____________ is a collection of fields, organized into a related group. It is one row of information. Record
A_____________ combines a document with information that personalizes it. This is a feature used to mass-produce form letters and other type of documents. Mail Merge
The ___________ can be a letter, envelope, label, etc. It contains both standard text and formatting that appears in the merged document. main document
_____________ are placeholders that represent the variable information from the data source. They are codes placed in the main documents to show where pieces of information from data sources will be displayed. merge fields
A _____________ is a category of information; such as the First Name of the City (Ft. Smith, Dallas). field
A _____________ is a title which represents one piece of information, like FirstName or City. field name
_____________ is a method of selecting a specific group to be used in your mail merge. query of filter
What part of the merge contains names and addresses with the variable information ? data source
What part of the merge contains the standard text ? main document
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