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SS.Chap. 5 Test

How did mechanization of farms change the lives of rural people in the 1800's and early 1900's It lead to larger farms that raised cash crops
Which is not an example of how industry in the late 1800's gave people greater access to all kinds of goods people on farms and ranches made almost everything they needed by hand.
In what way did telephones effect people in the 1800's People were pleased that they could communicate without having to travel
What was the main purpose of the Rural Electrification Acts To create and improve electrical services in rural areas
Which of the following was not a factor in the growth of growing cities in he late 1800's agricultural depression
What of the following is a result of rapid industrialization and urbanization Cities became overcrowded
Which is not one of the challenges faced by urban areas as a result of population and tecnology changes Fewer workers were available for factory jobs
How did Jane Addams try to solve some problems faced by the city of Chicago She opened a settlement home to help immigrants and working family's
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