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Visual journalism Refers to the desgin of a newspaper
desgin refer to the plan of how the differnet elements are presented on the page also called the layout
ponints of entry elemeants on a newspaper page through which readers enter.
breakout box a ruled box that relates to but is separate from story
sidebar a shourt story that provides supplymanments informstion on the main story
chart a graphic used to compare data such as amounts and percentages.
locator maps a map that helps the reader place the geowgraphic area the reporter is writting or speakingabout
informational graphic a vosual display of information
caption the words under a picture that explain who or what the picture is about.
primary headline the active bold faced headline thsat storys clearly and demands immediate attention
secondary headline the headline for less imprtant story
Package The various elements of a newspaper when put together includes headlines graphics photograph captions and the story
layout how the pages presented
anchored the main news presenter or reporter for broadcast
banner long space across the top of the page.
ears space on each side of the masthead at the top of each section
navigate to be able to get around a page
hierachy refer to the order of things with the most important at the top
dominance visual impact on the page
rhythm irregular alteration of the design elements
grid stander columns and their width
digest collection of stores
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