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The Blood

Quiz one of Semester 2

What are the 3 delivery functions of the blood? Oxygen, Nutrients, Hormones
What does the blood remove? Metabolic wastes
What 3 things does the blood regulate? Body temperature, pH levels, and fluid volume
What kind of tissue is blood classified as? Connective tissue
What are the living blood cells called? Formed Elements
What is most of the blood mass? Red Blood Cells (rbc)
The blood ___________ shows the percentage of red blood cells in the whole blood. Hematocrit
What is the "buffy coat" composed of? Leukocytes (wbc) and Platelets
The buffy coat is less than __% of blood volume. 1
Why is blood scarlet red? It is loaded with oxygen.
What are the 2 protective functions of the blood? Excessive blood loss and infection
What percent of the blood is made up of plasma? 55%
What percent of the blood is made up of formed elements (living blood cells)? 45%
What are some of the roles of the plasma protein Albumin? Asmatic balance, buffer, keep pH neutral
What is the role of Fibrinogen? Blood clotting
What is the role of Globulins? Help white blood cells (wbc) part of immune system
What are three nutrients often transported by the blood? Glucose, fatty acids, amino acids
What are the 2 main respiratory gases transported by the blood? Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
What is water's role in the blood? It is a universal soulvent and to absorb heat
What is the order, top to bottom, that blood is seperated into when centrifuged? Plasma, buffy coat, Red Blood Cells
Name the order from greatest to least of the three elements found in the blood. RBC, WBC, Platelets
What is the most numerous leukocyte? Neutrophil
What is another name for an erythrocyte? Red Blood Cell
What is another name for a leukocyte? White blood cell
What are red blood cells, megakaryocyte, Eoxinophil, Basophil, Monocyte, Neutrophil, and Lympocytes? Formed Elements
What increases allergy attacks? Basophil
What releases histamine during inflammatory reactions? Basophil
What contains hemoglobin? Red Blood Cells
_________ is primarily water, noncellular and the fluid matrix of the blood. Plasma
What increases in number during prolonged infections? Neutrophil
Are rbc's nucleate or anucleate? anucleate
Are there any organelles present if so what are they? There are none.
What is the major molecular content of the cytoplasm? Hemoglobian
What is the normal life expectancy of a rbc? 100-120 days
What happens to an rbc after it dies? It is removed by a macrophage.
What happens to the hemoglobin? It is recycled.
Which of the following would not serve as a stimuli for erythropoiesis hemorraging, aerobic exercise, living at a high altitude or breathing pure oxygen? Breathing pure oxygen
What is happening during erythropoiesis? Your body discovers that it does not have enough oxygen so it starts making more rbc's.
How much blood does the average male have in his body? 5-6 liters
How much blood does the average female have in her body? 4-5 liters
What are three components in blood plasma? Water, dissolved solutes, salts, and plasma protien
What is blood cell formation called? Hematopoiesis
What is the formation of red blood cells called? Erythropoiesis
What are 2 red blood cell disorders? Polycythemia, and anemia
What are platelets? Fractions of larger cells
What are platelets job? Aid in clotting process by forming a temperary seal.
What is the main group of WBC? Granulocytes
What is the order, from greatest to least , of the types of WBC? Neutrophils, Easinophils, Basophils
What do neutrophils do? They are attracted to inflamation
What do easinphils do? Attack parasitic worms
What do basophils do? Release histamine to promote inflamation because of sinuses or allergys
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