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Aero Commander


Va (10,325 lbs) 135
Va (9,000 lbs) 126
Va (7,000 lbs) 111
Vfe 20 degrees 178
Vfe 40 degrees 140
Vlo 198
Vle 198
Vmca 93
Mmo/Vmo .52/186(31,000)-240(SL-19,000)
Max oil temp control doors 180
Max windsheild wiper operation 140
Reverse Power Limitaioms -Do not raise the flight idle latches until nose gear is lowered to the runway -Do not enter reverse power range until both BETA lights are illuminated. -Full reverse is limited to 90kts or less, at or above 95%. Position power lever at GRD IDLE...(more
Airspeed Ind Markings Red Radial 94 (air min control speed)
White Arc 75-140 Speed range for 40 degrees flaps Vs-Vfe
Green Arc 77-243 Normal operating range Vso-Vmo/Mmo
Blue Radial 115 Best single engine rate of climb Vyse (10,325 SL ISA)
Max Allowable Pointer 243 Max speed all ops (barber pole)
Engine Manufacturer and Model # Allied Signal TPE-331-10T-511K/513K
Starting- Engine operating Limits EGT, Time and Oil Temp EGT- 770c, Time- 1sec, Oil Temp- -40min
Takeoff- Engine operating Limits EGT, RPM %, SHP, Time Limit and Oil Temp EGT- varies (see supplement 33 pg 5), RPM- 101%, SHP- 717.5, Time Limit- None, Oil Temp- +55 to +127 (5 min max between +110 and +127 with MIL-L-23699A oil)
Max Continuous/Max Climb EGT, RPM %, SHP, Time Limit and Oil Temp EGT- varies (see supplement 33 pg 5), RPM- 101%, SHP- 717.5, Time Limit- None, Oil Temp- +55 to +110
Max Recommended Cruise EGT, RPM %, SHP, Time Limit and Oil Temp EGT-varies (see supplement 33 pg 5), RPM- 96-100%, SHP- 717.5, Time Limit- None, Oil Temp- +55 to +110
Engine Speed Restrictions RPM% & Time Limit RPM%- 101.0. Time Limit-none 101.0-101.5. 5 min 101.5-105.5. 30 sec 105.5-106.0. 5 sec 106.0. never excee
Engime Windmillimg RPM% and Time Limit RPM%- 28-100. Time Limit- 1 min max 18-28. Do Not Allow 10-18. 5 min max 5-10. 30 min max 0-5. Continuous
Oil Pressure Min Idle 40 PSI Min flt op below 23,000. 70 PSI Min flt op above 23,000. 50 PSI Max (all conditions). 120 PSI Normal ops 70-120 (green arc)
Oil Temp Min starting. -40c Min grd op. -40c Min flt op. +55c (green arc is +55 to +110) Max flt op. +110c Max to. +110 or +127 (depends on type oil) Max grd op. ". ". ". "
Fuel Pressure Min/Max 15 PSI Max 90 PSI Min Normal ops-green arc 20-80
Ignition Override Time Limits Up to 2 hrs continuous duty Total time "on" cannot exceed 2 hrs without 2 hrs "off" The 2 hrs on can be either continuous or intermittent
Ambient starting temp Min/Max -40 c Min +55 c Max
Airstart Limits Min airspeed 98 (KIAS) Max airspeed 178 Max altitude 20,000 ft MSL
Icing conditions exist when... precipitation or visible moisture and begin when OAT is +5 c or colder and end when OAT is 10 c or warmer
The IGN OVRD switch shall be selected to IGN OVRD position or the MANUAL IGN switch shall be selected to MANUAL IGN position during all operations in actual or potential icing conditions... ...during takeoff and climb in actual or potential icing -when ice is visible on, or shedding from props, spinners or leading edge -before selecting ENG INLET when ice has accumulated -immediately anytime engine flameout occurs...(more)
Ambient temp must be below ____ for continuous operation of ice protection heat + 5 c
Operation of wing and emenage boots are prohibited when? A. B. A. During intentional stalls B. during to and ld
Starter Time Limits A. 60 sec on, 5 min off B. 60 sec on, 5 min off C. 60 sec on, 30 min off Cycle may repeated after 30 min off
Approved Fuel Jet a, Jet A-1, Jet B (others also, but will not apply to our ops)
Approved Oil MIL-L-7808G (Type I) 90f (32c) or less MIL-L-23699A (Type II) 90f (32c) or more
Props Manufacturer, Blades 2 Dowty-Rotol, 3 bladed Diameter: Min 105 in. Max 106 in
Prop Reverse Thrust is Limited to... ....grd operation only Positioning of power levers below the flight idle stop in flight is prohibited
Prop Sychrophaser must be off when: A. B. A. During to and ld B. All grd ops and all single engine ops
Max Ramp Weight 10,375 lbs
Max TO Weight 10,325 lbs
Max Landing Weight 9675 lbs
Max Zero Fuel 8800 lbs
Max Weight in Baggage Compartment 600 lbs
Types of Operation Day or Night IFR or VFR Flight into known icing conditions
Maneuver Load Factor at 10,325 Gear Up, Flaps Up. - 0 - +3.28 to. -1.31 G's Gear Down, Flaps 40. - +2.0 to 0. G's
Fuel Capacity 482 gallons (optional system) 3229 lbs
Usable Quantity 466 when both "low fuel" scavenge systems are inop 470 when one "low fuel" scavenge sytems are inop 474 when both "low fuel" scavenge systems are operating
Unusable fuel 8 gallons when both "low fuel" scavenge systems are operating 12 gallons when one "low fuel" scavenge system is inop 16 gallons when both "low fuel" scavenge systems are inop
Max Imbalance 100 lbs when quantity is more than 1000 lbs per tank 200 lbs when quantity is less than 1000 lbs per tank
Max Operating Altitude 31,000
Cabin Pressurization Max Allowable Differential 5.4 psi
Relief Setting 5.2 (+/- 0.1) psi
Pressurization Prohibited During... ...takeoff, landing and all ground operations
Hydraulic Pressure Limit Max 1400 psi (red line)
Gyro Pressure Limits Red Line (min) 3.8 in Hg Yellow Line (grd idle only) 3.8-4.5 in Hg Green Arc (normal) 4.5-5.2 in Hg Red Line (max) 5.2 in Hg
Emergency Gear Extension Limits Min 425 psi Normal 425-525 psi Max 525 psi
Elevator Trim Takeoff Range Green Arc (TO) is 1.2-6.0 nose up
Crew Oxygen Mask Altitude Limit Must be set to 100% when abovw 20,000
Max Flow Switch is Prohibited?..? ...during to and ld
Air Conditioner must be turned off... A. B. A. Above 18,000 ft B. with a loss of a generator or an engine
Created by: Rmlambie
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