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Laboratory Supplies

Erlenmeyer Flask a conical glass laboratory flask with a broad bottom and a narrow neck.
Volumetric flask a laboratory flask primarily intended for the preparation of definite fixed volumes of solutions and therefore calibrated for a single volume only.
Beaker a small cylindrical vessel with a tapered top used to collect crude oil samples.
Graduated cylinder A cylindrical vessel used to measure volume of liquid.
Pipette gradulated or calibrated tube which may have a center reservoir used to transfer known volumes of liquid.
Burette A graduated glass tube used to deliver variable volumes of liquid.
Rubber stopper It is used to close of test tubes and flasks, like a cork except it's rubber.
Analytical balance It is balance that is very precise and used to measure chemicals.
Digital scale it is a programmable scale that displays the mass in a digital reading.
Spectrophotometer is commonly used for the measurement of transmittance
Cuvette is a small tube of circular or saucer cross section
Crucible a container that can with stand hot temperatures and is used for metal glass and pigment.
Syringe Any similar device for pumping and spraying liquids through a small apeture.
Petri Dish A shallow circular glass or plastic dish with a loose fitting cover used for culturing bacteria.
Funnel A cone shaped utensil with a tube at the apex for conducting liquidor other substence through a small opening.
Microscope an optical insttument having a magnifying lens or a comination of lenses for inspecting objects.
Microscope slide a small flat rectangular piece of glass.
Slide cover a very thin piece of glass placed over a specimen on a glass slide.
Kim Wipes Wipes used in labs to wipe off surfaces or pick up spills.
Deionized Water Water used in labs because it is very clean with the ion removed.
Collection jar used to collect samples.
Test tube a thin glass tube closed at one end used to hold small amounts of material for labratory testing.
Dropper A short glass tube with a rubber bulb at one end used for measuring out drops of medicine or other liquids.
Spatula A tool with a broad flat blunt blade used for mixing and spreading things.
Autoclave a device used to sterillize equipment.
Fume hood a type of lacal ventillation device that is designed to limit exposure to hazordous or toxic fumes.
Incubator An enclosed apparatus providing a controlled enviroment.
Muffle furnace heat chamber, walls radiant heat.
Mortar and pestle tools used to grind chrush and mash materials.
Stir plate apperatus for stirring goods.
Stir rod a pice of lab equipment used to mix chemicals and liquids for lab purposes.
Hot plate a small appliance that is used to heat things has a gas or electric burner.
Thermometer a tool used for measuring temperature.
Desiccators an apparatus for absorbing the moisture in a chemical substance.
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