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Blink Story Board

1. After 9-11, Herm Brooks learns about the terrorists plot to take down Brooks Ent. bc of Cintax and decides to take Neil off of it. At this point Neil is 10 at the time.
3. It is in June of 2009, Neil has just graduated when his family driving home is in a car crash and while Neil survives, his family dies. The driver is said drunk. Neil is 18.
4. A friend of the family George Natz lets Neil move in with him into his house after the crash.
5. Neil is mad and doesn't want to stay in Pittsburgh and doesn't want to go to college like George wants him to. Neil's best friend Russel Turner says that his cousin is a leader of a gang up in New York City and if Neil wants to he can join Russel.
6. Neil agrees but waits until the funeral. During the funeral James Laskey shows up, former employee of Brooks ent. but now sucessfull CEO of Laskey Incorporated. Natz wants to fight him saying it was wrong for him to be there and if he ever found con.
out if Laskey had anything to do with it he would kill him. Laskey gives his regards to Neil and leaves.
2. Neil is in a police station being questioned by Police Captain James Monroe. Monroe drills him for answers so Neil tells him his story of the past 3 years.
Created by: jrossdix