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DOHS New Nation

Review flash cards for the New Nation Unit

a dark, BRACKISH pool of water Adjective
He SHEEPISHLY slipped out the back door Adverb
She BABBLED incoherently Verb
Her INCOHERENCE made understanding impossible Noun
You will never hide your LYING eyes Adjective
The first man to make effective use of the unreliable narrator Poe
First Person The narrator is in the story.
First Person Peripheral The narrator is a minor character in the story, with limited understanding.
Third Person The narrator is not a part of the story
Omniscient The narrator knows what all people are thinking
Limited, or Limited Omniscient The narrator is not in the story and does not know what all characters are thinking.
Third Person Paraphrase The narrator summarizes the speakers thoughts without commentary.
Why use a first person narrator? The reader feels close to the action and what is happening elsewhere is a mystery.
Why use an unreliable narrator? The reader becomes a detective, looking at clues to find the truth
Who wrote stories that were critical of Puritan America? Nathaniel Hawthorne
Who was the first true published American Author? Washington Irving
Who wrote stories about the American frontier, starring Natty Bumppo? James Fenimore Cooper
What two writers were influential in the resistance to slavery? Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau
He came BLAZING into the room Verb
The BLAZING sun wearied him. Adjective
He was DESPERATE to escape Adjective
He DESPERATELY tried to escape Adverb
His escape was an act of DESPERATION Noun
Created by: mwilco8842