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state board

internal Disease disease of eyes nose throat

DiseaseSymptomsTongeAcupuncture Points
CONGESTION, SWELLING & PAIN OF THE EYE Congestion, swell pain eye, photophobia, lacrimation & stick discharge. case wind heat, there would fever. If with fire of the liver and gallbladder, there would also be bitter taste in the mouth, irritability with feverish sensation, constipation T. None noted P. Wind heat superficial, rapid; Liver and gallbladder fire string-taut UB 1, GB 20, LI 4, Liv 2, Taiyang, *Wind heat: SJ 5, * Fire in liv-gb: Liv 3
THICK & STICKY NASAL DISCHARGES Nasal obstruction, loss of the sense of smell, yellow fetid nasal discharge, thick and sticky accompanied by cough, dull pain in the forehead T. Reddened tongue with thin, white, and sticky coating P. Rapid Lu 7, LI 20, Bitong, LI 4, Yintang
EPISTAXIS Extreme heat in lung and stomach Epistaxis accompanied by fever, cough, or dire thirst with preference for cold drink, constipation, foul breath T. Reddened or reddened with yellow coating P. Superficial, rapid or forceful , rapid LI 20, LI 4, Du 23 *Lung Heat: L11, *Stomach Heat: St 44
EPISTAXIS Deficiency of yin with preponderance of fire Epistaxis accompanied by malar flush, dryness of the mouth, feverish sensation of the palms and soles, afternoon fever, night sweating T. None noted P. Thready, rapid Ll 20, Ll 4, Du 23, Fire w/ Yin def: Kid 6
Toothache due to stomach fire Severe toothache with foul breath, thirst, constipation T. Yellow coating. P. Forceful, rapid Ll4, St6, St44, St7
Toothache caused by wind fire Acute toothache with gingival swelling with chills and fever T. None noted P. Superficial, rapid SJ2, GB20, LI4, St6, St.7, SJ5
Toothache caused by deficiency of the kidney yin Dull pain off and on, loose teeth, absence of foul breath T. Reddened P. Thready, rapid ST6, St7, Kid3
Sore throat due to excess of heat Abrupt onset with chills, fever, headache, congested and sore throat, thirst, dysphagia, constipation T. Reddened with thin yellow coating P. superficial, rapid L11, Ll4, St 44, SI 17
Sore throat due to Yin def Gradual onset without fever or with low fever, slightly congested throat with intermittent pain or pain during swallowing, dryness of the throat, more marked at night, feverish sensation in the palms and soles. T. Reddened and furless P. Thready, rapid Can use A: Kid3, Lu10,Ren23, B: Kid6, Lu7, LI18 alternate a
OPTIC ATROPHY Deficiency of the liver and kidney yin Dryness of the eyes, blurred vision, dizziness, tinnitus, nocturnal emission, achin~of the lower back T. Reddened with scanty coating P. Thready, weak GB 20, UB I, Qiuhou, GB 37, Add: Liv 3, Kid 3, UB 18, UB 23
OPTIC ATROPHY Deficiency of Qi & Blood Blurred vision, weakness of breath, disinclination to talk, lassitude, poor aptite, loose stools T. Pale with thin, white coating P. Weak, thready GB 20, UB 1, Qiuhou, GB 37, Add: St 38, Sp 6
OPTIC ATROPHY Lv Qi Stagnation Blurred vision emotional depression, dizziness, vertigo, hypochondriac pain, and bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat. T. None noted P. String-taut GB 20, UB 1, Qiuhou, GB 37, Add: Liv 14, Liv 3, GB 34
DEAFNESS & TINNITUS Excess Sudden deaf, disten sensa constant ringing in ear that cannot be eliminated by pressing. In case of upward perversion of pathogenic wind fire of the liver and gallbladder, there are flush face, dry mouth irrit hot temper. If invas ptf wind - h/a sup p T. None noted P. Forceful, string-taut SJ 17, GB 2, GB 43. SJ 3 *PTF fire in LIV-GB: Liv 2, GB 41 *Invasion of wind: SJ 5, LI 4
DEAFNESS & TINNITUS Def (Kd) Protracted deafness intermittent tinnitus aggravated by strain and eliminated by pressing, dizziness, soreness and aching of the lower back, seminal emission, excessive leukorrhea T. None noted P. Thready, weak SJ 17, GB 2, GB 43, SJ 3, Add: UB 23, Du 4, Kid 3
Created by: djraspberry