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internal Disease external dz

DiseaseSynptomsTongeAcupuncture Points
INTESTINAL ABSCESS Sudden paroxysmal pain up abm or around umbilic. Soon pain become contin & localize low R abm, accompanied by tenderness, mild contracture of the abdominal wall, difficulty in extension of the right leg, fever, chill, nausea, vomiti, constp, dark urine T. Thin, sticky, and yellow coating P. RaQid, forcefu St 25, LI 11 , St 37, Lanweixue, *Fever: Du 14, LI 4, *Vomiting Pc 6, Ren 12
GOITER Qi Goiter Qi goiter is marked by diffusive swelling in the neck, soft, gradually increasing in size with unclear margins, normal color, absence of pain in some cases big and drooping, accompanied with dyspenea and hoarseness of voice. Size changes w/ emotion T. None noted P. None noted Common: SJ 13, LI 17, SI 17, Ren 22, LI 4, St 36 *Liver Qi stagnation: Ren 17, Liv 3,
GOITER Flesh Goiter occurs below forty, more frequently in women than in men, a few oval movable lumps below the Adam's Apple with smooth surface and without pain, accompanied by exophthalmos, hot temper, irritability, tremor hand, sweat, stuffin in chest, palpitat T. None noted P. String-taut, slippery, and rapid Common: SJ13,LI17,SI17,Ren22,LI4,St36 *Palpitations: Pc 6, Ht 7 *Exophthalmos: SJ 23, UB 2, UB 1, GB 20 *Hot temper, anxiety, and sweating :Sp 6, Kid 7
SPRAIN & CONTUSION The injury mostly happens, in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, hip knee, and ankle. Local swell pain rednes. new injur sli swoll w tender. Large area swell w motor impair joint found in seriou case Old injur charac by absen marked swelling but repeated recurr due to invasion of exogenous ptf windcolddamp T. & P. None noted Ashi points, *Neck: UB 10, Sl 3, *Shoulder: GB 21, LI 15, *Elbow: LI 11, LI 4, *Wrist joint: SJ 4, SJ 5, *Hip joint: GB 30, GB 34, *Knee joint: St 35, St 44, *Ankle joint: St 41, GB 40, UB 60
TORTICOLLIS Wry neck caused by awkward sleeping position or an attack of wind cold on the nape of the neck. Symptoms are stiffness and pain of the neck and nape and stiff neck towards one side with motor impairment T. & P. None noted Du 14, UB 10, SI 14, GB 39, SI 3, UB 60, Lu 7, SI 7
HERPES ZOSTER Most from ptf DH, fire LV-GB/affect ptf toxin. Ons stab pain affect skin.soon becom erythemt. Patc blist size mump-bean/soyb. this blist like band w/ clear intersp btw patch. blist thick-wall & their content transpr 1st, turn turbid 5-6day T. & P. None noted Ll 11, Sp 10, B 40, GB 34, Liv 3 pricking the skin
BREAST ABSCESS Red, swell pain breast, most occur after deliver. early stage when absc not yet forme there lump in breast accom by swell, distens, pain, diffi lactation, chillfever h/a nausea, dire thirst. Grow lump w local bright red,interm throb pain is suppuration. T. & P. None noted GB 21, Ren 17, St 18, SI 1, St 36, Liv 3, *Chills & Fever:LI 4, SJ 5, *Distension & pain in the breast: GB 41
Created by: djraspberry