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Internal Disease Gynecological & other dz 1

DiseaseSynptomsTongeAcupuncture Points
Postdated menstruation Blood Def Scanty, light red menses in delayed cycle, empty painful feeling in the lower abdomen, emaciation, sallow complexion, lusterless skin , dizziness, blurred vision , palpitation and insomnia. T. pink w/ little t/c P. weak tread Ren4,Ren6,Sp6 *Dizziness & blurred vision Du 20 *Palpitations & insomnia Ht 7
Postdated menstruation Cold in blood Scanty and dark colored menses in delayed cycle, colic pain in the lower abdomen, slightly alleviated by warmth, cold limbs T. Thin, white coating P. Deep, slow Ren 4, Ren 6, Sp 6 moxa *Dizziness & blurred vision Du 20 *Palpitations & insomnia Ht 7
Postdated menstruation Qi stag Scanty dark red menses in delayed cycle, distending pain in the lower abdomen mental depression, stuffy chest alleviated by belching, distension in hypochondrium and breast region. T. Thin, white coating P. String-taut St 25, Kid 13, Sp 8, Liv 3 *Fullness in chest Pc 6 *Distension in the hypochondriac & breast Liv 14
Irregular mens Qi stagnation in Liver Alteration of menses cycles and quantity of blood flow, thick sticky and purple colored menses, difficult to flow, distention in the hypochondriac region and breast, distending pain in the lower abdomen, mental depression, frequent sighing. T. Thin, white coating P. String-taut Ren6, Kid14, Pc5, Liv5 *Distention in hypochondriac region & breast Ren 17, Liv 14 *Mental depression Ht 7, Liv 3
Irregular mens Kd Def Scanty light red blood flow in altering cycles, dizziness and tinnitus, weak and aching of the lower back and knees, frequent night urination, loose stools. T. Pale with thin coating P. Deep, weak Ren4,UB23,Kid8 *Low Back & Knees Kid 10, Yaoyan *Dizziness & tinnitus Du 20, Kid 3
Dysmenorrhea Exc Syndrome Pain low abdm, usual start befor men, retard & scan dark pur. men w/ clots, disten pain in the lower abdm, alleviat passing clots, disten hypoch region & breast, pain & cold feel low abdm refer to waist & back, alleviat wannth, scan dark red men w/ clots. T. Purplish with purple spots on the edge or sticky, white coating P. Deep, string-taut Common: Ren3,UB32,LI4,Sp10, Sp 8, Liv 3 *Distending pain in lower abd Kid 14, St 28 *Pain with cold feeling in lower abd St 27, St 29
Dysmenorrhea Def Syndrome Dull pain appearing at the end of or after menstruation, alleviated by wannth and pressure, pink, scanty and thin menses, accompanied by aversion to cold, cold extremities, pale complexion, palpitations and dizziness T. None noted P. Thready, weak Ren4,UB20,UB23, St 36, Sp 6
Amenorrhea Blood stagnation Absence of menses for months, lower abdominal distending pain aggravated by pressure, hard mass in lower abdomen , distension and fullness in the chest and hypochondriac region. T. Dark purple coating with purplish spots on its borders P. Deep, string-taut Ren3,St29,Sp10, Liv 3, LI 4, Sp 6 *Hard masses aggravated by pressure Kid 14
Amenorrhea Blood depletion Qi & bl def Delay mens cycle, slow decre men&ameno, salow complex prolond case, lassi, vert & dizzi, poor appe, loo stool, dry skin. Def essen & bl - Add dizzi, tinni, sore & weak LB & knee, dry m. & thro, hot sens palm, sale & epig, aftn fever & n. swea T. Pale tongue with white coating Essence and blood deficiency - pale P. Slow, weak Essence and blood deficiency- string-taut, thready Ren4,UB18,UB20, UB 23, St 36, Sp 6
Antedated menstruation Heat in the blood Shortened cycle, dark red, thick blood, large quantities,restlessness, full chest, brown urine. T. Reddened with yellow coating P. Rapid, forceful LI 11, Ren 3, Sp 10, Kid 5 Liv Qi transforming to fire Liv 2 Yin deficiency with internal heat Kid2
Antedated menstruation Qi Def Profuse thin light red menses shortened cycle, lassitude, palpitation SOB, heavy empty sensation lower abdomen T. Pale with thin coating P. Weak Ren 6, Sp 6, Ren 12, St 36
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