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Internal Disease Zang-Fu Syn 5

DiseaseSynptomsTongeAcupuncture Points
INSOMNIA Upward disturbance liver fire Irritability, dream-disturbed sleep, fright and fear accompanied with headache, distending pain in the costal region, bitter taste in the mouth. T. None noted P. String-taut Ht 7, Sp 6, Amnian,: UB 18,UB 19,GB 12
INSOMNIA Dysfunction of St (Dermal needle: tap Sishenchong, B/Shu or HTJJ from above donward 2-3 time, tx once dialy or every otherday. 10 tx is 1 course, next course begin after an interval of 2-3 days Insomnia, suffocating feeling and distending pain in the epigastric region, belching, or difficult defecation. T. Sticky P. Rolling Ht 7, Sp 6, Amnian,: UB 21. S36
Poor Memory Functional decline of brain & forgetfulness different from lack of intelligent T. None P. None UB 15, UB 20, UB 23, Kid 6 (promotes Kid. essence), St 36, Sishencong
PALPITATIONS Disturbance of the mind Palpitations, fear and fright, irritability, restlessness, dream disturbed sleep, anorexia. T. White, thin coating P. Sli rapid Phlegm heat - yellow, sticky P. rolling rapid UB 15, Ren 14, Ht 7, P6: Ht5, GB 40, -Phlegm-heat: St 40 + UB 19 (together dissolve phlegm and heat)
PALPITATIONS Insufficient of Qi & blood Palpitations, lusterless complexion, dizziness, blurring of vision, shortness of breath, lassitude. T. Pale with tooth mark P. Thready, weak or intermittent UB 15, Ren 14, Ht 7, P6: UB 20, UB 21, St 36
PALPITATIONS Hyperactivity of the fire due to yin deficiency Palpitations, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, dizziness, blurring of vision, tinnitus. T. Red with little coating P. Thready, rapid UB 15, Ren 14, Ht 7, P6: UB 14, UB 23, Kid 3
PALPITATIONS Retention of harmful fluid Palpitations, expectoration of mucoid sputum, fullness in the chest and epigastric region, lassitude, weakness, cold extremities. T. White coating P. String-taut, rolling Sp & Kd Yang Def: Scanty urine, thrist w/o desire to drink, w sliperry t/c, deep string-t rapid UB 15, Ren 14, Ht 7, P6: Ren 9, Ren 4, Ren 8, Sp9
MANIC - DEPRESSIVE DISORDERS Depressive Gradual onset, emotional dejection and mental dullness at the initial stage, followed by incoherent speech, changing moods, or muteness, somnolence, anorexia. T. Thin, sticky coating P. String-taut, thready or string-taut, rolling B15, B18, B20, H7, S40
MANIC - DEPRESSIVE DISORDERS Mania Sudden onset, irritability, being easy to anger, insomnia, loss of appetite, followed by excessive motor activity with increased energy and violent behaviors T. Yellow, sticky coating P. String-taut, rolling, rapid Du 14, Du 16, Du 26, Pc 6, St 40 Mania w/ extreme heat: prick to bleed 12 Jing-well (L11, H9, P9, L11, Sj1, SI1)
EPILEPSY During seizure Typical seizure precede by dizzy, h/a & suffo sens in chest, & immediat follow by fall down w/ loss of conscious, pallor, clenched jaws, upward staring eyes, convulsion, foam on lips, scream as pig/sheep, incont urine & feces. Gradua pt regains conscious T. White, sticky coating P. String-taut, rolling Du 26, Ren 15, Pc 5, Liv 3, St 40
EPILEPSY After seizure Listlessness, lusterless complexion, dizziness, palpitations, anorexia, profuse sputum, weakness and soreness of the loins and limbs. T. Pale with white coating P. Thready, rolling UB 15, Yintang, Ht 7, Sp 6, Kid 3, Yaoqi *Daytime Seizures: UB 62 *Night seizures: Kid 6 *Phlegm stagnation: Ren 12, St 40 *Severe deficiency of qi & blood: Ren 4, St 36
DIZZINESS Hyperactivity of liver yang Dizziness, aggravated by anger, irritability, flushed face, red eyes. tinnitus, bitter taste in the mouth, dream-disturbed sleep. T. Red with yellow coating P. String-taut, rapid GB 20. B 18, B 23, Kid 3, Liv 2
DIZZINESS Def of Qi And Blood Dizziness accompanied by pallor and lusterless complexion, weakness, palpitations, insomnia, pale lips and nails, lassitude, loss of consciousness if severe case. T. Pale P. Thready, weak Du 20, B 20, Ren 4, St 36, Sp 6
DIZZINESS Inter retention of ph dampness Dizziness with a heavy feeling of the head and suffocating sensation in the chest, nausea, profuse sputum, anorexia, somnolence. T. White, sticky coating P. Soft, rolling St 8, B 20, Ren 12, Pc 6, St 40 Dermal needle: DU20. TaiYang, YT, HTJJ tap once or twice a day w/ moderate stimulation. 5-10 tx constitute once course
INSOMNIA Deficiency of Ht & Sp Difficulty in falling asleep, dream-disturbed sleep, palpitations, poor memory, lassitude, listlessness, anorexia, sallow complexion T. Pale with thin coating P. Thready, weak Ht 7, Sp 6, Amnian,: UB20, B15, Sp1moxa
INSOMNIA Disharmony btw Ht & Kd Restlessness, insomnia, dizziness , tinnitus, dry mouth with little saliva, burning sensation o f the chest, palms and soles, or nocturnal emission, poor memory, palpitations, low back pain. T.Red P. Thready, rapid Ht 7, Sp 6, Amnian,: UB 15, UB 23, Kid 3
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