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State Board

Internal Disease Zang-Fu Syn 1

DiseaseSynptomsTongeAcupuncture Points
Cough Internal Injury -Blockage of the lung by phlegm Cough with profuse, white and sticky sputum, stuffiness and depression of the chest, loss of appetite. T: White, sticky coating P: Rolling B 13, Ren 12, Lu 5, St 36,St 40
Cough Internal Injury Dryness of Lu w/ Def of Yin Dry cough without sputum, or with scanty sputum, dryness of the nose and throat, sore throat, spitting blood or even coughing blood, afternoon fever, malar flush . T: Red with thin coating P: Thready, rapid B 13, Lu 1, Lu 7, Kid 6, -Coughing Blood B 17, Lu 6
Asthma -Exc Type -Wind-cold Cough with thin sputum, rapid breathing, accompanied by chills, fever, headache, anhidrosis at the early stage, absence of thirst. T: White coating P: Superficial, tense Lu 7, Ll4, UB 13, UB 12, Du 14.
Asthma -Exc Type -Phlegm-heat Rapid and short breathing, strong and coarse voice, cough with thick yellow sputum, sensation of chest stuffiness, fever, restlessness, dryness of the mouth. T: Thick, yellow or sticky coating P: Rolling, rapid UB 13, Dingchuan, Ren 22, Lu 5, St 40
Asthma -Def Type -Lu Def Short and rapid breathing, feeble voice, weak and low sound of coughing, sweating on exertion. T: Pale P: Deficient UB 13, Lu 9, St 36, Sp 3 (promotes metal)
Asthma -Def Type -Kd Def Dyspnea on exertion after longstanding asthma, severe wheezing, drawing in of the soft tissues o f the neck, short breath, lassitude and weakness , sweating, cold limbs. T: Pale P: Deep, thready UB 13, Kid 3, UB 23, Ren 17, Ren 6 -Persistent asthma Du 12, UB 43 (moxa) -Sp deficiency Ren 12, UB 20(moxa)
IMPOTENCE Decline of mingmen fire Failure of the penis in erection, or weak erection, pallor, cold extremities, dizzy, listlessness, soreness and weakness of the loins and knees, frequent urination. if Hi & Sp damage: poor product of Qi & Bl, if bl not nourish Ht: palpitation & insomnia T. Pale with white coating P. Deep, thready Ren 4, Du 4, UB 23, K 3 Damage of qi of the heart and spleen: UB 15, Ht 7, Sp 6
IMPOTENCE Downward flowing of damp-heat Inability of the penis to erect, complicated with bitter taste in the mouth, thirst, hot and dark red urine, soreness and weakness of the lower extremities. T. Yellow, sticky coating P. Soft, rapid Ren 3, Sp 6, Sp 9, St 36
Cough Invade By PTF -Wind Cold type Cough, itching of the throat, thin and white sputum, aversion to cold, fever, anhidrosis, headache, nasal obstruction and discharge T: Thin, white coating P: Superficial Lu 7, LI 4, B 13 -Pain & swelling in the throat Lu11
Cough Invade By PTF -Wind heat type Cough with yellow, thick sputum, choking cough, thirst, sore throat, fever, or headache, aversion to wind, sweating. T: Thin, yellow coating P: Superficial, rapid Lu 7, LI 4, B 13 Pain & -swelling in the throat Lu 11 -Fever and aversion to cold Du 14, SJ 5
Created by: djraspberry