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State Board

Internal Disease Emergency dz & syn cuz by PTF

DiseaseSynptomsTongeAcupuncture Points
Wind Stroke Zang-Fu attake (Tense) Excess Tx 1. Promote resucitation 2. Reduce wind 3. Reduce fire Du Liv 12 jingnwell Falling down in a fit with loss of consciousness, tightly closed hands & clenched jaws, eyes open, flushed face, coarse breathing, rattling in the throat, retention of urine, constipation. T: Red with thick, yellow or dark gray coating. P: String-taut, rolling, and forceful Du Liv 12 jing-well Du20,Du26,St40,Liv3, Kid I, jing-well on both hands -Clenched jaw St 7, St 6, LI 4 -Aphasia and stiffness of the tongue Du I5, Ren 23, Ht 5
Common Cold -Wind Cold Chills, fever, anhidrosis, headache, soreness and pain of the limbs, nasal obstruction, running nose, itching of the throat, cough, hoarse voice, profuse thin sputum. T: Thin, white coating P: Superficial, tense Du 16, B 12, GB 20, Lu 7, LI 4
Common Cold -Wind Heat Fever, sweating, slight aversion to wind, pain and distending sensation of the head, coughing with yellow, thick sputum, congested and sore throat, thirst. T: Thin, white or yellowish coating P: Superficial, rapid Du14,LI11,SJ5,LI4,Lu10,Lu11
Wind Stroke Zang-Fu attack (Flaccid) Def Tx 1. Regulate qi and blood 2. Remove obstruction from meridian colateral 3. Reduce wind Falling down in a fit with loss of consciousness, mouth agape and eyes closed, snoring and feeble breathing, flaccid paralysis of limbs, incontinence o f urine . T: Flaccid P: . Thready, weak. (Severe cases: cold limbs or flushing face - P: Fading or big, floating) Moxa on Ren Chnl Ren8,Ren6,Ren4,Moxa
Wind Stroke Meridian & collate attack Tx 1. Regulate qi and blood 2. Remove obstruction from meridian colateral 3. Reduce wind Du Yang Hemiplegia, numbness of limbs, deviated mouth, slurring of speech accompanied by headache, dizziness, vertigo, twitching of muscles, red eyes and flushed face, thirst, dryness of the throat, irritability. T: None noted P: string-t, rolling Du20,UB7,Du16 -Upper limbs LI 15, LI II, SJ 5, LI 4 -Lower limbs GB 30, GB 34, St 36, St 41
Created by: djraspberry