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Comp 2 Software

HC - Comp 2 Software

State one role of the operating system Operating systems act as an interface between the user and the hardware (computer)
State one purpose of library programs To allow the sharing of run-time code across programs, e.g. the same print routine may be used by a word processor and by a spreadsheet program
State one advantage of purchasing bespoke software it is written and optimised for one client's specific needs,i.e. only has those features / functions needed.
State one disadvantage of purchasing bespoke software more expensive as client has to cover production costs
State two advantages of writing a program in assembly language over writing a program in machine code Easier to understand; it will take less time to code as using mnemonic operation codes
What is meant by software programs (sequences of instructions) which run on the hardware/computer
What is an assembler It is a program that translates an assembly language program into machine code
What is a compiler It is a program that translates high level language code into object code.
What is object code Object code is the machine code language of the target machine
What is an interpreter An interpreter analyses and executes a high-level language program a line at a time
Give an example of a language translator An assembler or a compiler or an interpreter.
Which generations of programming languages are classed as low-level First and Second
Which generations of programming languages are classed as high-level Third and Fourth
What type of translator is required to translate a high-level language statement into machine code Compiler
Explain what is meant by a declarative language Class of languages including functional and logic programming languages
Explain what is meant by a imperative programming language It is a language in which the instructions are executed in a programmer-defined sequence.
Are low-level programming languages imperative Yes
Third generation programming languages are imperative, sometimes they are referred to as? procedural languages
A declarative language such as Prolog and SQL define what is to be computed rather than how the computation is to be done.
In declarative program you write, or declare facts that are processed by a standard algorithm for that language to produce the desired result.
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