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Boeckman's Roots

Learn Latin and Greek roots for Mrs. Boeckman's 6th Grade L.A. class.

re back, again
sub below
bi/duo two
mono/uni one
trans move across
tri three
cent hundred
manu hand
quin/penta five
bio life
dec ten
sequ to follow
auto self
mem mindful
dorm sleep
miss send
nat/gen birth/tribe/origin
pre before
flex/flect bend
scrib/script write
meg large
seni old person
octa/octo eight
urb city
aud hear
mar/mer sea
micro small
homo same/man
ab/abs away/away from
gram/graph write/show
lum light
extra outside of
geo/terra earth/land
pel push
narr tell
nov new/nine
mech machine
san health
mute change
min/minor/minus small/lessen
sens feel/be aware
cor heart
hetero different/other
jur/jus law/right
lab work
op(t) eye
arch first/chief
mon warn/remind
hem blood
prim/prin first
photo light
pseudo false
temp time
proto first
log speak/word
chron time
mim imitate/same
ped foot/child/children
inter between/among
per through
anti against
path feel/suffer
mort death/dead
stell/astr star
multi many
ang bend
loc place
psych mind
err to wander
integ whole
demo people
poly many
cid kill/cut
ad to/toward
hyper above
super above/over
hypo under
roga ask
mater mother
pater father
pro before
anthro man
soph wise
fer bear/bring
jud/judi judge/lawyer
de down/off/away
hemi half
ante before
a/an not/without
nym/nom name
mania madness
sym/syn together
civil/polis city
phobe fear
phil love
cycl roundness
fract break
circ/peri around
dict/loqu speak/word
thermo heat
cess/cede/ceed go/walk/move slowly
curr/curs/cours run
dis not/away/aprt
nounce declare
spec/spic look
frater brother
soro sister
eu good
bene/ban good
intra/intro within
con with
rota turn
voc call
volv/vert/vers turn
mob/mot/mov move
tain hold
spir breathe