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Business Law Reviews

Laws that define duties, rights, and wrongs are substantive laws
The legal system which allows the judge to investigate, question witnesses, seek out evidence is called a/an inquisitorial system.
A law that requires someone to sue within a specific period of time is called statute of limitations
Relief given to a wronged party is called remedy
The branch of public law that regulates agencies such as the automobile safety standards and the pollution control are known as administrative laws
The practice of deciding new cases with reference to former decisions or precedents is called stare decisis.
The legal system in which parties to a legal action are opponents is called a/an adversary
Laws related to wrongs committed against the public, punishable by fines, imprisonment or both, are know as criminal laws
The what is known as the “supreme law of the land”. constitution
Decision makers of the Supreme Court are called Justices
Powers that are granted to both state and federal governments are called concurrent powers.
Members of the Supreme Court are selected by the President
A case heard only by a judge is known as a Bench Trial
The highest state court is the Supreme Court
How many judges are appointed in the Supreme Court? 9
How long do these judges serve? Life
What district in the judicial circuit is Texas in? 5th
How many districts are there in the judicial circuit? 13
What precedent was overturned in Brown vs Board of Education? Plessy vs. Ferguson
What does stare decisis mean? To stand on decided cases
If a judge agrees with the unanimous or majority opinion but feels strongly about making or emphasizing a point that was not made then he has a concurring opinion
The formal title usually given to judges of appellate courts is Justice
Legal rules for processing civil and criminal cases through the court system are procedural laws
A group of citizens chosen to hear and decide a question of fact in legal action is a/an Jury
The process of selecting jury members voir dire
The person who acts as a client’s advocate by presenting the facts to the jury is the Lawyer
A court authorized to hear cases involving a limited amount of money Small Claims Court
A document delivered to a defendant that tells them they must appear in court because a civil suit has been filed again him/her Summons
A court authorized to hear any type of case has general jurisdiction
Jurisdiction that exist when a more than one court has the power to hear a case exclusive
A court which reviews trial court decisions is a/an appellate court.
Both state and federal trial courts have original jurisdiction.
Separate courts that handle specific subject matters, such as family and traffic, have limited jurisdiction
5. Which of the following allows someone in New York to file suit against someone in Texas? Long arm statute
A proper place within a juridical district to bring a lawsuit is venue.
Shoplifting is considered a misdemeanor
Burglary is considered a felony
What elements must exist at the same time for a person to be convicted of a crime? Intent and action must actually occur
The act of requesting or encouraging someone to commit a crime is known as criminal solicitation
A wrongful threat causing someone to perform an act he or she would not otherwise do is called duress
During a trial who has the burden of proof? plaintiff
. Before interrogation, or questioning, a suspect may have the constitutional right to a Miranda warning
A hearing in which an accused is brought before a court to hear the charges against him or her and to enter a plea to the charges is known as a/an arraignment
A serious crime punishable by death or imprisonment for life c capital felony
When someone intentionally and in excusably hits another is called battery
If Jason writes a published article about his neighbor, which is untrue, he has committed libel
A nonviolent illegal act committed by an individual or corporation in business is a white collar
When liability in an accident is shared by all on the basis of proportionate fault, this is called comparative negligence
A wrongful act for which a court may award damages tort
The failure to exercise reasonable care is negligence
Created by: bfreeman16
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