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literature chapters 17-21

placid undisturbed by disorder, calm and composed
birch various tree bark that seperates the wood from sheets
precarious dangerously lacking instability
allegiance loyalty or obligation to a nation or king
novel a fictional narrative of considerable length
solemn deeply earnest ;grave
menial work suited for a servant
bribe something such as money or a favor offered to induce someone.
catchism a book giving a brief summary of the basic christian principles
twilight time of day when the sun is below the horizon
tremulous vibrating, trembling
primer an elementary reading book
quizzical suggesting puzzlement questioning
unison an identity of a musical pitch or harmony
talllow hard fat obtained from cattle sheep or horses
hearth the floor of a fireplace
quill the hollow main shaft of a feather
lopsided heavier or larger on one side or another
notorious known widely
Goodman cuff (Adam) -Brought charges against kit -in the end, is fascinated & proud that Prudence can read & write -finally stands up to his wife
Aunt Rachel - thinks w/ the new governor everything would be the same - no change in life or home
Uncle Matthew - stands up for Kit - thankful for Kits help
Sick - Mercy - Judith -Kit
Proof - copybook
Kit - friend to Hannah - taught Prudence how to read & write - accused of being a witch - arrested - goes to jail & trial - rescued by Prudence & Nat - helped w/ chores - ends relationship w/ William - traveled on the Dolphin
Kit - willing to admit quilt to spare - Prudence
Hannah - Quaker - kind,loving,gentle,caring,compassionate - love in abundance @ her house - mob comes looking for her - rescued by Kit & Nat - home is burned - lives w/ Nats family
John Holbrook - joins the militia as a doctor - makes Judith unhappy - captured - returns - tells feelings for Mercy - dr. B. will teach medicine & theology but will think for himself in politics - marries Mercy
Nat - illuminates Williams house - helped rescue Hannah & Kit - risked 30 lashes to bring Prudence as a witness that Kit was teaching her - gets a ketch & named it The Witch - asks to see Uncle Matthew
William - does not come to see or help Kit - changes political views because of taxes - WAS a Royalist - marries Judith
Mercy - focused on what she can do instead of what she can't do - marries John - does not attend the Husking Bee
Created by: skylarssmith