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Vocab for Ceramics

Final Vocab

Bisque pottery fired once without glaze.
Bisque Fire first firing without glaze.
centering moving clay in the middle of the wheel, so it can be thrown so it can be perfectly round.
clay alumina+silica+water
fire to heat a clay object in a kilm to a certain temp
glaze thin coating of glass which is developed in clay ware by the fusion under heat of inorganic materials
glaze fire the final fire with glaze
Klin furnace of refactory clay bricks for fire pottery and fusing glass
Klin furnature refactory post and shelves used for stacking pottery in the kilm for firing.
pinch midualative clay with your fingures in your palm in a hollow shape using the pinching approach.
potters wheel device that is either manual or electrical wheel head used to sit at and make pottery forms
slab pressed or rolled flat sections of clay used to hand building
slip clay with water with a creamy constiency used like a glue.
throwing creating ceramic vessels on a potters wheel.
wedging method of kneading clay to remove all air pockets
coil piece of clay rolled like a rope used for making pottery
potter person who makes pots or ceramic arts
consider deem to be
minute immeasurably small
accord concurrence of opinion
evident clearly revealed to the mind or senses of judgement
practice a customary way of operation or behavior
Created by: Shelbyfaller2013