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Chapter 28 BB

Giving in to aggressive demands in order to maintain peace. Appeasement
Spoken out against Chamberlain's plans. Winston Churchill
Germany, Italy and Japan joined together. Axis Powers
An agreement in which each side promises not to attack the other. Nonaggression Pact
German forces used a new tactic in their assault on Poland. Blitzkrieg
Britain and France declared war on Germany. They then became known as __. Allies
German sent thousands of aircraft over the English Channel to attack British targets. Battle of Britain
Had been developing plans for a surprise attack on the American navel base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Hideki Tojo
The desire to avoid involvement in the affairs of other nations. Isolationism
Led Afrika Korps. Erwin Rommel
Axis power in North Africa was severely weakened. Battle of El Alamein
Led the combined American and British force landed in North Africa. Dwight D. Eisenhower
1 million civilians perished. Siege of Leningrad
One of the most brutal war. Battle of Stalingrad
Led a small number of American soldiers and poorly equipped Filipino troops in a doomed defense. Douglas MacArthur
Tropical heat, lack of food and water, and brutal violence from their captors killed 600 American and up to 10,000 Filipino prisoners. Bataan Death March
Japanese and American carriers again fought on the high seas. Battle of Midway
American forces fought Japanese troops on the swamp- and jungle-covered island. Battle of Guadalcanal
Japanese pilots who loaded their planes with explosives and deliberately crashed into Allied ships, sacrificing their own life process. Kamikazes
To be forced to leave the country. Deported
The deliberate mass of execution of Jews. Final Solution
A confined area within a city. Ghetto
Meant to hold the people Hitler called enemies of the state. Concentration Camps
The mass murder of Jews. Holocaust
Allied forced invaded France. D-Day
Victory in Europe Day. V-E Day
Nearly 7,000 Americans died to capture the island of Iwo Jima. Battle of Iwo Jima
Lasted nearly 3 months, claimed 12,000 American lives. Battle of Okinawa
Become president when Franklin Roosevelt died. Harry S. Truman
Surrendered on August 15, 1945. Hirohito
August 15, 1945. World War 2 is finally over. V-J Day
Held in Soviet territory. Yalta Conference
Stalin agreed to join a new world organization proposed by the Allied- The United Nations. United Nations
Took place and amid growing ill will between the Soviet Union and the other Allies. Potsdam Conference
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