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MidTerm Vocab

clipboard an area of memory that temporarily stores cut or copied selections
copy duplicate a selection so you can paste it in another position
i-beam the shape the mouse pointer takes in an area of text
insertion point the blinking vertical bar that signals where any text or nonprinting character you key will appear
move cut a selection from one position and paste it in another
paste inserts the clipboard contents at the insertion
presentation a way of communicating ideas, facts, suggestion, or other information to an audience
text objects placeholders, including the dotted lines around them, for entering text on a slide
blank presentation option that lets you create a presentation from scratch without help with either content or design
content template provides a suggested outline and design for your presentation
design template provides a professionally set up design, but no outline or content for a presentation
HTML Hypertext Markup Language, the universal language or file format used for displaying Web pages in a browser
wizard similar to a template, but creates the type of document you want for a memo, letter, fax, report, or Web page
alignment text can be positioned at the left, center, or right of a placeholder
autocorrect feature that corrects some words you key incorrectly or adds capitalization when appropriate
bullets characters that appear before each item in a list
custom dictionary a dictionary to which you can add words you used in your work that are not in the main dictionary
font style changes in the shape or weight of characters—bold, italic, or underline
drawing objects AutoShapes, curves, lines, WordArt, or other objects that you create that are part of your Word document or presentation
embedded objects information from a source application that is saved with your presentation
linked object an object in your file that is actually stored in a source file to which the user must have access
OLE(Object Linking and Embedding) feature used to share information through linked or embedded objects
pictures files other than drawings—bitmap, scanned picture, photo, or clip art
wordart a drawing tool that turns words into a graphic image
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