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TCTCM TCMH-Yellow Quizzes for final.

This herb treats maculae, and bleeding due to chaotic movement of hot blood, swollen and painful throat, and sore of the mouth, drains LV fire, dispels summerheat, and lung heat? Qing Dai (Indigo Naturalis)
This herb treats skin eruptions, cools blood to treat hot abdominal pain due to inflammation, soothes sinews & unblocks channels & collaterals, clears blood level heat with early periods or excessive menstrual bleeding, & breast inflammation(mastitis). Ren Dong Teng (Lonicerae Caulis)
This herb treats painful, swollen eyes, snakebite, and hot sore and abscesses, especially of the head and back? Zi Hua Di Ding (Viola Herba)
This herb reduces abscesses and disspates nodules, particularly if they are firm and hard, is especially useful with breast and intestinal abscesses, clears the eyes, and unblocks painful urinary dribbling? Pu Gong Ying (Taraxaci Herba)
This herb treats externally contracted wind-heat, toxic clumps such as external sores, internal abscesses, scrofula, or throat painful obstruction? Da Qing Ye (Isatidis Folium)
This herbs treats any warm-heat pathogen disease or epidemic febrile outbreak, cools the blood and dissipates machulae? Da Qing Ye (Isatidis Folium)
This herbs clears heat, resolves fire toxicity, for hot painful sores of the breast, throat, or eyes, treats externally-contracted wind-heat and summerheat, and clears damp-heat from the lower burner with dysentery or painful urinary dribbling? Jin Yin Hua (Lonicerae Flos)
This herb drains heat, resolves fire toxicity, cools the blood, and benefits the throat, and also treats damp-heat jaundice, is best known for its ability to benefit the throat? Ban Lan Gen (Isatidis Radix)
This herb treats toxin affecting the throat with pain, swelling, loss of voice; cough due to LU heat; and is used internally and topically to stop bleeding of oral cavity or lips? Ma Bo (Lasiosphaera/Calvatia)
This herb treats soore and abscesses, red eyes from wind-fire, swollen sore throat, painful urinary dribbling; traumatic injury with blood stasis, swelling and pain? Ji Xue Cao (Centellae Herba)
This herb treats ying- or blood-level heat, yin deficient fever; persistant summertime fever in children, pospartum fever; hot or painful bloody urinary dribbling; toxic sores, painful throat? Bai Wei (Cynanchi Atrati Radix)
This herb treats KI fire, eliminates lurking heat, clears heat from the bones; LU heat cough or wheezing; genitial itching? Di Gu Pi (Lycii Cortex)
This herb treats joint pain, turbid and painful urination, damp-heat jaundice; damp-heat from the skin; recurrent ulcers, other hot skin lesions? Tu Fu Ling (Smilacis Glabrae Rhizoma)
This herb treats swelling and pain of the throat due to fire excess, fire toxin or phlegm-heat obstruction; cough and wheezing with phlegm obstruction? She Gan (Belamcandae Rhizoma)
This herb treats fire from deficiency and steaming bone disorder; yin deficient fever; childhood nutritional impairment due to accumulation with heat? Yin Chai Hu (Stellariae Radix)
This herb treats summerheat, fever from deficiency, steaming bone disorder; alternating fever and chills of malarial disorder? Qing Hao (Artemisiae Annuae Herba)
This herb treats yin deficiency w/ heat signs; childhood nutritional impairment; damp head dysenteric disorder or sores? Hu Huang Lian (Picrorhizae Phizoma)
This herb treats abscesses, swelling, sores, swollen sore throat; snakebite and burns; jaundice due to LV/GB damp-heat? Chui Pen Cao (Sedi Herba)
This herb treats furuncles, sores, abscesses; snakebite, trauma, vomiting blood, nosebleeds, painful bloody urinary dribbling? Ban Zhi Lian (Scutellariae Barbatae Herba)
This herb treats internal fire toxin disorders, external fire toxin sores and swelling (topically/internally); pain and obstruction associated with heat-induced blood stasis; postpartum pain, post-operative pain? Bai Jiang Zi (Semiaquilegiae Radix)
This herb clears heat, resolves toxicity, is especially effective for cooling blood and alleviating dysenteric disorders, especially those due to damp-heat in the ST or intestines? Bai Tou Weng (Pulsatilla Radix)
This herb treats intestinal abscesses and skin lesions with heat, swelling, and pain; for trauma, dysmenorrhea, and joint pain? Hong Teng (Sargentodoxae Caulis)
This herb treats LU abscess or heat cough with expectoration of thick, yellowish green sputum; is used internally and externally for toxic sores; LI damp-heat Lin? Yu Xing Cao (Houttuyniae Herba)
This herb treats abscesses & other toxic sores, often used for breast abscesses, distention & lumps, & sufficient lactation; pain & soreness in the chest & flanks, wind-damp bi, pain in the muscles & sinews, stiffness in the joints; trauma; thick phlegm? Si Gua Lou (Luffae Fructus Retinervus)
This herb treats summerheat patterns; diarrhea due to SP deficiency, especially in the aftermath of summerheat; bleeding in the lower burner due to heat or stagnation? He Ye (Nelumbinis Folium)
This herb treats wind0heat or damp-heat sore, carbuncles, rashes; damp-heat jaundice or Bi; vaginal pruritis or discharge? Bai Xian Pi (Dictamni Cortex)
This herb treats heat in the LU, throat, and urinary tract; fire toxin manifestations in the skin; snakebite (fresh, topically); damp-heat dysenteric disorder, hot Lin, eczema (topically as an ointment)? Chaun Xin Lian (Andrographitis Herba)
This herb clears heat, resolves toxicity, reduces swelling, disperses clumping to treat abscesses, swelling, toxic sores, deep-rooted furuncles; also some types of cancer (liver, breast & lymphoma)? Tian Kui Zi (Semiaquilegiae Radix)
This herb treats summerheat patterns with thirst; toxic sores and swellings; antidote for Zhi Fu Zi or fava bean posioning? Lu Dou (Phaseoli Radiati Semen)
This herb treats damp-heat or fire toxin dysenteric disorders; blood or heat Lin; wasp stings and snakebite (pain & swelling); uterine bleeding, painful bloody or hot painful urinary dribbling? Ma Chi Xian (Portulacae Herba)
This herb treats internal and external abscesses and sores, ulcerations, swelling; hot Lin, damp-heat jaundice, and promotes expulsion of dampness through urination? Bai Hua She She Cao (Heydyotis Diffusae Herba)
This herb treats sores and abscesses, pruritic sores and rashes, swollen and painful throat, cancer; hit Lin, or edema with urinary dysfunction? Long Kui (Solani Nigri Herba)
This herb powerfully drives out thin mucus and drains edema; is toxic, is a harsh cathartic and diuretic for accumulated fluids in the chest and abdomen, and thin mucus in the flanks; cough and wheezing - chronic bronchitis; used topicall for tinea? Yuan Hua (Genkwa Flos)
This herb softens hardened clumping of pathogenic heat in intestines, heat in ST & intestines w/ constipation; LU & ST heat accumulation; phlegm/clumping in intestines; red swollen painful eyes/mouth/throat, red swollen skin lesions & promotes lacation? Mang Xiao (Natrii Sulfas)
This herb drives pathogenic water downward, for severe accumulation of fluid in the chest & abdomen; seizures from wind-phlegm, withdrawal-mania from phlegm congealing and clumping; topically for swollen, painful, nodular skin lesions due to damp-heat? Gan Sui (Kansui Radix)
This herb enriches yin fluids, moistens the intestines, unblocks dry constipation, for consitpation in elderly, after a febrile disease, postpartum, from blood deficiency; also clears heat and promotes healing of sores? Huo Ma Ren (Cannabis Semen)
This herb treats constipation,dizziness, red eyes, irritability d/t heat accum (HT/LV fire); chronic constipation; epigastric discomfort, dizziness, HA, tinnitus, irribililty, constipation d/t LVch heat; child nutrition impairment d/t roundworms & tinea? Lu Hui (Aloe)
This herb unblocks and drains, via both the urine and stool, to clear and expel accumulated damp-heat in the qi-level of the three jiaos? Qian Niu Zi (Pharbitidis Semen
This herb expels pathogenic water, for edema with severe constipation and urinary difficulty; topically for hot-type sores? Shang Lu (Phytolaccae Radix)
This herb purges clumped heat in the intestines, cools the blood, removes blood stasis; when charred, stops bleeding? Da Huang (Rhei Radix et Rhizoma)
This herb drives cold accum down & out body, for severe cold accum in interior leading to constipation & ab fullness, pain; ascites d/t end-stage schistosomiasis; phlegm clogging throat, vieling sensory organs; suppurated but not ulcerated abscesses? Ba Dou (Crotonis Fructus)
This herb requires caution when handling due to oil being extremely toxic? Ba Dou (Crotonis Fructus)
This herb moistens and drains downward; treats constipation and the retention of fluids, for constipation due to qi stagnation in the intestines; leg qi or edema with urinary difficulty and constipation? Yu Li Ren (Pruni Semen)
This herb powerfully drives pathogenic fluids downward; is used topically for toxic sores or scrofula, for moderate accumulation of fluids in the chest and flanks? Hong Da Ji (Knoxiae Radix)
This herb drains downward and guides out stagnant heat in the intestines, for constipation due to heat accumulation in the intestines (acute/chronic), is often used alone? Fan Xie Ye (Sennae Folium)
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