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English exam

Semester 1 English Exam Review

who is the narrator of First they killed my father? Loung Ung
Where is first they killed my father set in? Cambodia
Who old is Loung at the beginning of the story? 5 years old
Why did ma and pa have financial troubles at the beginning? Pa had a gambling problem
Loung's name means ____ "Gem"
Who was head of Pa's government? Lon Nol
Who is the youngest sibling in first they killed my father? Geak
Who takes over Phnom Penh Khmer Rouge
Who is the Angkar the government
wearing glasses is a sign of _______ intelligence
What is the order of how people ranked from highest to lowest? Khmer Rouge soldiers, base people, new people
Which one of the children gets married? Khouy
Who is Davi? A village girl
Who were the first siblings sent to labor camps? Khouy and Meng
Who is the first one to die in first they killed my father? Keav
Who steals corn for the family? Kim
What is Kim's nickname? "Little monkey"
What is a youn? A person from Vietnam
Who old is Loung when she is forced to leave her mom? 7
What did mom try to bribe someone for? Chicken
who are the surviving family members at the end? Loung, Chou, Kim, Khouy, and Meng
How did Loung get into Vietnam? She was smuggled in
What does the author Loung do for a living now? Speaks out against the use of landmines
Does Greek theater use elaborate scenery? No
Who do the Greek plays honor? Greek god Dionysius
What is the sweeping away of sadness or pity that the audience feels while watching a tragedy? Catharsis
What is an oracle? A fortune teller
What is killing the people during Oedipus Rex? A plague
Who is Oedipus's brother-in-law? Creon
To punish or criticize chastise
When Oedipus Rex begins, what is spreading throughout the city? A pestilence- they must find the man who murdered Laius and bring him to justice
Who wants Creon killed? Oedipus
Who almost ran over Oedipus with his carriage? Laius
Who killed Laius in a fit of anger?
Created by: 15_KCrawford