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Airline Terms

US Airways Airline Terms

placards instructional signs posted in the aircraft
pre flight check
pob portable oxygen bottle
reserve flight attendant available for flight duty during a specific time period. you must be available by telephone for immediate contact. you will report for duty within 1 hour of that contact.
hot reserve you must report to u base in your uniform and ready for duty if needed
revenue ticketes which have been paid for , or paying customers
revision updated or revised information which must be read and inserted into the flight attendant manual(on the first layover or prior to the next outbound trip)
runway a stretch of reinforced concrete roadway specifically designed for large commercial aircraft for takeoff and landing
RON bag remain overnight bag . flight attendants are required to carry a RON bag on all flights
restricted seats specified seats on an aircraft that can only be assigned on the day of departure by airport personnel.
round trip the opposite of one way
safety information cards cards located in each seat pocket which illustrates and explains what to do during an emergency situation. each seat MUST HAVE ONE
scheduled time the published time from block to block
no show a passenger who has a reservation for a flight but does not show up to take the flight and does not call to cancel the reservation
ntsb national transportation safety board ; organization which investigates airline accidents and makes recommendations to the faa
offline generic term used to refer to airlines other than us airways/continental or us airways express/continental express
one way a type of itinerary in which the passenger travels from orgin to destination but does not return
on line
open seating flight segment/segments that cannot provide advanced seating. seats are selected by the passengers on first come, first serve basis at departure time
originating flight a flight which is just beginning and has its own number
overbook a condition which exists when more seats are reserved on a flight that the actual capacity of the aircraft
oversell a condition which exists when a passenger cannot be accommodated on the flight for which he/she is ticketed.
passenger or customer person who books passage on flight
passenger briefing an announcement given to passengers concerning safety or customer service oriented information
pbe protective breathing equipment
per diem meal expense allowance determined by the total number of hours you are away from home base
pic pilot in command
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