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Alivia Miner Pyramid

Red Pyramid

auspicious promising success; favored by fortune; prosperous
sabotaged any underhand interference with production as by enemy agents during wartime or by employees
cartouche a round, convex surface usually surrounded with carved ornamental scrollwork
summoned to call upon to do something specified
palatte a board with a thumb hole at the end
avatar the incarnation of a god
annihilation act or an instance of annihilating
construed give the meaning or intention
flotsam a wreckage of a hip
embodiment the act of embodying
incantation to have magical powers
inferno the infernal regions
necromancer a method of diviation through alleged communication with the dead; black art
premonition a forewarning
reconciling a person to accept or be resigned to somthing not desired
retort to reply to usually in a sharp or relatiatory way
sinewy have a strong sinew
dubiously doubtful; marked by or occasioning about
imploded to burst inward
intercepted to attack, seize or halt; cut off from an intended destination
averted to turn away or aside
residual pertaining to or consisting of residue or remainder
pillaged goods by open violence as in war
coalesced to grow together or into one body
portal an entrance to a place
predicament an unpleasantly different or dangerous situation
futilely incapable of producing any result; successful
lithe bending readily; plant; limber; supple; flexible
converged to tend to meet in a point or line; not a parallel line
queues a braid of hair worn hanging down behind
supplicant supplicating
horde a large group of people
mandibles the bone of the lower jaw
apathetic have or showing little or no emotion
scry afraid
Created by: soaringeagles