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Improvise buisness operations by gathering and using database reasearch total quality management
Increased international competiton for U.S. companies global market place
A computer file of related information about a specific topic database
Replaced diaries people meters
Gathering, recording, and analyzing information about consumer behavior and sales marketing research
Evaluation of such topics as package design product research
Assembles important data on radio advertising Arbitron
Methods and procedures for generating, analyzing, and storing data about consumers, sales, and ads marketing information systems
An estimate of a product's future sales sales forcasting
Publishes rates and data for advertising industry SRDS
Using existing market data and new research to assemble a profile are all a function of_____intelligence. market
Predicting future economic conditions in particular geographic areas is called economic_____ forecasting
The way to measure customer satisfaction with a product is by looking at the product's continued_____ sales
Sylvia keeps careful watch over her company's market share, which is also known as its sales_____,in the competitive business of soap manufacturing. penetration
When companies study consumer opinion reasearch polls to learn how people feel about certain products or ideas, the companies are engaging in_____research. attitude
_____research gathers information from large segments of people and relies heavily on surveys to gather information. Quantitative
A primary way that a company can avoid having its new product fail is by first engaging in_____research. marketing
Albertson's offers special rewards for customers who fill out a preferred member application. In marketing terms this is a function of collecting______ data
Woods and Poole Economics, Inc. will provide buisnesses with demograhpic and economic information about every county and state in the U.S. This information helps buisnessess with their____ economic
For buisnesses, the major source of data on future economic trends such as inflation rates is the federal government. true
A company's existing and projected sales data are part of the marketing mix. false
Test marketing occurs in only one geographic area at a time so that testing results can be measured more easily. false
Ten percent of all new products are successful in the consumer marketplace. true
Consumer panels must be composed of cross sections of people in order to provide reliable information. false
What is the primary focus of marketing research? obtaining information about customers' behavior, opinions, and plans.
What is an example of a group that specializes in markeing research? Consumer Product Safety Commission
In what area of marketing research does Arbitron specialize? media research
Ismael studies the behaviors,characteristics, and buying habits of his company's target markets. What is Ishmael involved in? market analyis
What is a primary public concern about marketing research? invades consumers' privacy
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