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BUAD309 Final

Chapter 1

Why are managers important? Organizations need more than ever in these uncertain, complex,and chaotic times,Managerial skills and abilities arecritical in getting things done, quality of the employee/supervisor relationship is the most important variable in productivity and loyalty.
What do managers do? Management involves coordinating and overseeing the work activities of others so that their activities are completed efficiently and effectively.
How do you measure manager effectiveness? “Doing the right things” Attaining organizational goals
How do you measure managerial efficiency? “Doing things right” Getting the most output for the least inputs
Management Functions Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling
Planning (function) Defining goals, establishing strategies to achieve goals, and developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities.
Organizing (function) - Arranging and structuring work to accomplish organizational goals.
Leading(function) Working with and through people to accomplish goals.
Controlling (function) Monitoring, comparing, and correcting work
Technical Skills Knowledge and proficiency in a specific field
Human Skills The ability to work well with other people
Conceptual Skills The ability to think and conceptualize about abstract and complex situations concerning the organization
Skills Managers Need Mng human capital,Inspiring commit.,Man. change Structuring work and getting things done,Facilitating the psycho. and social contexts of work,Using purposeful networking,Mng. dec.-making processes,Mana. strategy and innovation,Managing logistics and tech
How is the Managers job changing? Changing technology, Increased emphasis on organizational and managerial ethics, increased competitiveness, changing security threats
Impact of changing technology shifting organizational boundaries, virtual workplaces, more mobile workforce, flexible work arrangements, empowered employees, work life personal life balance
Impact of increased emphasis on ethics? redefining values, rebuilding trust, increased accountability
Impact of increased competitiveness customer service, innovation, globalization, efficiency/prodcuctivity
Impact of changing security threats risk management, uncertainty over future energy sources/prices, restructured workplace, discrimination concerns,globalization concerns, employee assistance, uncertainty over econ. climate.
Importance of customers Managing customer relationships is the responsibility of all managers and employees. Consistent high quality customer service is essential for survival.
Importance of sustainability a company’s ability to achieve its business goals and increase long-term shareholder value by integrating economic, environmental, and social opportunities into its business strategies.
Importance of innovation Doing things differently, exploring new territory, and taking risks. Managers should encourage employees to be aware of and act on opportunities for innovation.
The universality of management Management is needed in all types and sizes of organization, at all org. levels and in all org. work areas, and in all org's no matter where they are located.
The reality of work The reality that for most of you, once graduated, will either manage or be managed
Rewards of being a manager Create a work env't in which org members can work to the best of their ability,Give opps to think creatively and use imag,Help others find meaning and fulfil. in work,Support,coach,and nurture others,Work with a var of people,Rec recognition and status in
Challenges of being a manager Do hard work,May have duties that are more clerical than managerial,Have to deal with a variety of personalities,Often have to make do with limited resources,Motivate workers in chaotic and uncertain circumstances,Blend knowledge, skills, ambitions, and e
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