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SPK 208

final review

audience perception of whether the speaker is qualified to speak on the topc in question credibility
information from credible research sources that supports your claims evidence
four characteristics exist to evaluate the credibility of given source name two 1. check credentials 2. similar information in other credible sources
publications that appear at regular intervals periodicals
why are newspapers a useful source of information? show recent news, helps prove importance of topic in today's world
LexisNexis and JSTOR are examples of what type of reference material databases
Yahoo and Google are examples of search engines
organizing the main points of your speech into a structured form is known as an outline
you will create two types of outlines for each speech that you give, name one. working outline
speech divided into three main sections, which section should you outline first? body
words, phrases, or sentences that indicate you are moving from one part of your speech to another transitions
the introductions contains five parts, name two. 1. thesis 2. main point overview
the conclusion contains two parts, name one. 1. summarize main points 2. clincher
to speak from limited notes rather than reading word-for-word from a manuscript or delivering your speech from memory extemporaneous delivery
combination of verbal and nonverbal communication skills used to present your speech delivery
when presenting that State of the Union Address, President Obama uses what type of delivery? manuscript
how loud or soft your voice is as you deliver your speech volume
how fast or slow you speak rate of delivery
the accepted or correct way to say words pronunciation
eye contact is important for many reasons, name one. keeps audience in tune
movements of your hands and arms gestures
personal appearance in a speech is important for two reasons, name one portrays your seriousness about your topic
three advantages for using audiovisual aids, name two. 1. helps audience remember your speech 2. helps explain complex topic
a visual display of relationships between different numbers, measurements, or quantities graph
graphic representation that summarizes information and ideas flowchart
a chart in the shape of a circle in which the various components of the whole are shown as portions of the circle pie chart
why is it important to control audience interaction with audiovisual aids? they can tune you out & focus on the aids instead
guidelines for preparing audiovisual aids, name two. 1. consider forum 2. consider audience
in a persuasive speech you attempt to influence your audience member's beliefs, attitudes, and actions
process of selecting arguments that will best achieve your rhetorical purpose in an ethical manner strategic discourse
three types of claims, name and describe one 1. policy claim - advocate action 2. fact claim - assert something as true or false 3. value claim - attach judgement to a subject
audience's attitude toward your topic disposition
Maslow's Hierarchy is based on the audience's needs
name two elements of credibility (ethos) 1. competence 2. trustworthiness
6 strategies for increasing your credibility, name one share qualifications to speak on the topic
having your listeners best interest at heart goodwill
five guidelines to use evidence effectively, name one. identify sources and their qualifications
line of thought that connects the facts you present and the conclusions that you draw from those facts inductive reasoning
what is a fallacy? unsound reasoning between claim and supporting material
sound reasoning that supports a speaker's claims and makes the argument more persuasive to an audience logos
appealing to an audience's emotions pathos
'the speech before the speech' introduction
explains the background and significance of an award and the reasons that the recipient is deserving of it presentation
comments on the death of an individual euology
often given at a wedding and ends with the raising of a glass celebration
given by the recipient of an award to express gratitude, extol the awards significance, and acknowledge others' support acceptance
can follow or precede a meal, is light in tone, and can set the stage for an event after-dinner
five general guidelines for delivering an effective special-occasion speech, name two. 1. evoke shared values 2. respect time constraints
limited number of people gathered for a specific purpose small group
a reason why working effectively in a group offers important advantages over individual efforts, name one. unique ideas from each other
groups gain leaders in various ways, name one. designated leader
group member's tendency to accept ideas and information uncritically because of strong feelings of loyalty within the group groupthink
manage group conflict, name one. keep focused of task/discussion
three types of member roles in a group situation, name one. self-oriented role
form of group presentation in which group members sit at a table as if conversing among themselves, observed by the audience panel
form of group presentation in which group members take turns speaking to the audience symopis
what type of font in powerpoint presentations sans serif style, 24-30 size
online source for formatting references in APA style OWL at Purdue
two types of sites tend to be more reliable .gov or .edu
how many data points needed to establish a fact 3
purpose of informative speeches share information with audience
break something down by its parts and explain how they add up to identify a topic definition
provides analysis of something for purposes of clarity explanation
use words to paint a mental picture for listeners description
used to teach an audience how a process or a set of guidelines works demonstration
a story narrative
audience analysis is essential for developing successful informative speech, name two. 1. age 2. gender
a good introduction accomplishes 5 purposes 1. gain audience attention 2. signals topic and purpose of speech 3. establish credibility 4. preview main points
single sentence that expresses the aspect of the topic you will be emphasizing in your speech thesis
material intended to capture the audience's interest at the start of a speech attention-getter
relevant experience and education in the subject area of your speech credibility
brief statements of main points that will develop in speech body preview
lasting impression of your speech in your listener's minds clincher
ideas that are most important for your listeners to remember main points
good organization of your speech is important why? helps listeners make sense out of the details of your presentation
supporting material used to develop a main point subpoints
main points represent important aspects of your topic that can be thought of as adjacent to one another in location or geography spatial pattern
time-based sequence chronological pattern
explaining a cause-and-effect relationship causal pattern
organizing speech as a story narrative pattern
samples or instances that support or illustrate a general claim examples
three types of definitions, name and describe one. dictionary - English meaning of the word/phrase
concrete view of the subject, can be either expert or lay testimony
a comparison based on similarities between two phenomena analogy
what happens to audience if you use too many statistics in your speech? get confused by numerical expressions
five design rules for PowerPoint 1. pick a good template 2. limit number of words 3. sans serif fonts for legibility 4. handle graphic elements professionally 5. choose high contrast color combinations
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