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CIS Final Exam V.

Computer Science Cards including Security Awareness, HTML, and Alice

What Tag(s) do you use to create headings? Tags: <h1>, <h2>, <h3>
What Tag(s) do you use for adjusting color? Tags: style=”color:xxxxxx”
What Tag(s) do you use to adjust the background color? Tags: style=”background-color:xxxxx” Put it in the body
What Tag(s) do you use when creating an ordered list? Tags: <ol>, <li>, />
What Tag(s) do you use when creating an unordered list? Tags: <ul>, <li>, </>
What Tag(s) do you use to add style to list? Tags: style=”list-style:xxxxx(square, circle, lower-alpha)”
What are the Tag(s) for Horizontal Line Separators and Line Breaks? Horizontal Rule Separator: Tags: <hr>, no </>
What Tag(s) do you use to add style to text? Possible Tags: style= “font-weight:bold”, “font-style:italics”
What Tag(s) do you use to add an image? Tags:<img src> Example: <img src=”goodjobonthefinal.jpg” height=”150” width=”225” alt=”mike verdino”> </img>
What Tag(s) do you use to center an image? Tags: <center>, <div style= “text-align:center”> Be sure the add the .jpg
What Tag(s) do you use to create a table? Tags: <table>, <td>(cells), <th>(for a cell,bold and centered), <tr>(rows), can use “align=center” inside any of these tags
How do you create a link? an e-mail? Tags: <a href> <a href=”link”>decription of link</a >
Object Something that is identified as unique from the other things in the program Objects have a set of properties
Methods o A list of instructions to manipulate the properties of the object o Control the actions in the program
If/Else Statements o Look for True and False results and then perform and action based on the results
Function o A method that computes a value
Animation o The rapid display of a sequence of images 2-D/3-D to create the illusion of movement
Program o A set of instructions that tells a computer what to do
Do Together o A control statement used in Alice for two or more blocks of instructions that occur simultaneously
Do in Order o A control statement used in Alice that will create a block of instructions that will take place in sequential order when the program is executed
The Object Tree o A list of the objects in the Alice World, organized by object titles
Bug o Error in the programming code-the term debugging is also associated with testing and fixing the errors in the program
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