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Diagnosis I

Shaozhi Li's Diagnosis 1 Lecture Notes

DiagnosisKey word of DiagnosisClinical ManifestationsPrincipal TreatmentAcupuncture TreatmentHerb FormualsOther Notes
Warm Dryness Attacking Lung Wind heat + dryness Dry cough, chills & fever, dry symptoms LI4, LI11, DU14, BL13, LU1 Sang xing tang (mulberry leaf & apricot kernel decoction)
Cold Dryness Attacking Lung Wind cold + dryness TONGUE: thin white coating; PULSE: superficial & tight; dry symptoms, fatigue, chest pain, dry cough, chills & fever LI4, LU7, GB20, BL13, LU1 Xing su san (apricot kernel & perilla leaf powder)
Lung Clogged with Heat Cough w/ thick yellow sputum and high fever TONGUE: red w/ thick yellow coating; PULSE: rapid; cough w/ tick yellow sputum, high fever, vexation, flaring nostrils, constipation, NO CHILLS! Clear heat, transform phlegm LI4, LI11, DU14, ST40, BL13, LU1 Ma xing shi gan tang (ephedra apricot kernnel, gypsum & licorice decoction) "Lung heat" Interior excess heat
Phlegm & Fluid Retention in Lung Cough w/ copious white sputum TONGUE: white greasy coating, PULSE: slippery, asthma, difficulty laying flat Transform Phlegm, stop cough BL13, LU1, ST40 Er chen tang, San zi yang qin tang (3 seed decoction to nourish one' parent), Liu jun zi tang
Damp Heat in Large Intestine Diarrhea + heat manifestions Diarrhea (often acute w/ blood, pus or mucus), abdominal pain (lower), urgency to go, gasious, hot sensation in the anus, fever, thirsty, vomiting/coma (severe cases) Clear heat, transform dampness ST25, ST36, ST44, SP9
Defiiency Cold in Large Intestine Chronic cold pain in abdomen relieved by warming and pressure TONGUE: pale w/ white coating; PULSE: week deep & slow; cold pain in abdomen, loose stool/diarrhea OR difficult defication, relieved by warming and pressure, prolapsed rectum, cold sensations (cold limbs), fatigue Tonify Yang ST25, ST36, RN12, RN6 Li zhong wan (regulate the Middle Pill), Ji chuan jian
Loss of Large Intestine Fluid Constipation + dryness TONGUE: dry w dry tongue coating (possibly yellow); PULSE: thready; constipatoin, dry mouth Moisten Large Intestine BL25, ST25, SJ6, KI6 Run chang wan (moisten the Inestine Pill from Shen's Book)
Lung Qi Deficiency
Lung Yin Deficiency 4 smalls and dry cough TONGUE: red w/ little/no tongue coating, PULSE: thready & rapid, hoarse voice, cry cough (or w/ bloody sputum), mild flushing, 5 hot spot sensations,
Wind Cold Attacking Lung cough expel wind cold, release exterior LI4, LU7, GB20, LU1 Ma huang tang (ephedra decoction)
Wind Heat Attacking Fever w/ mild chills and cough w/ thick yellow sputum TONGUE: red tip w/ yellow coating; PULSE: superficial & rapid; chills & fever, cough w/ think yellow sputum, sore throat, stuffy nose, thirsty LI4, LI11, DU14, BL13, LU1 Sang ju yin, Yi qiao san (honeysuckle & forsythia powder)
Created by: StephOnnie1313