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MIS Chapter 10

Vocabulary and Understanding of Terms, Errors, Rules, and Macros

A rule that specifies the type of data that is appropriate in a particular worksheet cell. Validation Rule
A message that identifies the kind of data you should enter in a particular worksheet cell. Input Message
A message box that displays a message of varying severity depending on the data entry or other errors you make. Error Alert
A type of security that protects a workbook by preventing users from inserting, deleting, or renaming worksheets or from changing the size and position of the worksheet window. Workbook Protection
A type of security that protects a worksheet by preventing users from changing, moving, or deleting its data. Worksheet Protection
A type of security that protects an entire workbook file with a password for optimal security, allowing only authorized users to open a workbook and use its data. File Protection
A cell that contains a value that is used in the formula in the current cell. Precedent Cell
Arrows that show precedent cells and are dependent on a worksheet. Tracer Arrows
A cell that uses the value in the active cell in its formula. Dependent Cell
A series of commands that are stored and can be run to perform a task. Macro
An Excel tool that allows you to create macros by recording keystrokes and mouse actions as you perform them. Macro Recorder
All the records that describe how and why a system has been developed & how it should be used; can be descriptions of the system, checklists, flowcharts, & other hard copy documents; basic info that identifies the workbook author, date created, & purpose. Workbook Documentation
When this error appears in a cell, you know that a formula is trying to divide by the value 0, which cannot be done. #DIV/0!
This error indicates that one or more of a cells' formulas refers to a value that is an incorrect operand or argument type. #VALUE!
An error in a formula, such as an invalid range name or invalid function name. #NAME?
This error indicates that an incorrect number of products was inserted in a space that has room for less of the number of products inserted. #N/A
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