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MIS Chapter 8

Vocabulary and Functions

A process of changing values to see how those changes affect the outcome of formulas in an Excel worksheet. What-if Analysis
A type of what-if analysis that concentrates on an activity at or around the point at which a product breaks even - in other words, the point at which the expenses of creating and selling the product are equal to the revenue it produces; where P=$0. Break-Even Analysis
A type of what-if analysis that attempts to examine how sensitive the results of an analysis are to changes in the assumptions. Sensitivity Analysis
A type of data table that has only one input cell and many result cells. One-Variable Data Table
A type of data table that has two input cells, but only one result cell. Two-Variable Data Table
A set of values stored in a worksheet that describes different situations, such as worst-case, likely case, and best-case, or the result of a Solver model, that is saved in a worksheet so you can load and review it later. Scenario
A tool in Excel that allows you to create, edit, and summarize scenario models. Scenario Manager
The function used to sum a series of products. SUMPRODUCT Function
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