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qn, qch

FREN 215

to wait for attendre qn, qch
to look for chercher qn, qch
to ask for demander qn, qch
to listen to écouter qn, qch
to send for envoyer chercher qn, qch
to hope for espérer qch
to look at regarder qn, qch
to attend assister à
to teach a person a thing apprendre/enseigner qch à qn
to expect a thing s'attendre à qch
to owe a person a thing devoir qch à qn
to tell a person a thing dire qch à qn
to escape échapper à qn/qch
to harm nuire à qn/qch
to obey obéir à qn/qch
to forgive pardonner à qn
to reach, attain parvenir à qch
to please plaire à qn
to refuse a person a thing refuser qch à qn
to remedy remédier à qch
to give up something renoncer à qch
to risist, withstand résister à qn/qch
to resemble, look like ressembler à qn/qch
to succeed someone succéder à qn
to suffice, be enough suffire à qn/qch
to notice, become aware of s'aercevoir de qch
to draw near, come near to approcher de qn/qch
to approach, walk up to s'approcher de qn/qch
to change changer de
to doubt a thing douter de qch
to suspect a thing se douter de qch
to lack, be short manquer de qch
to mistrust, beware se méfier de qn/qch
to use se servir de qn/qch
to remember se souvenir de qn/qch
to take, get the wrong thing se tromper de qch
to buy a thing from a person acheter qch à qn
to hide a thing from a person cacher qch à qn
to ask a person for a thing demander qch à qn
to depend on dépendre de qn/qch
to borrow a thing from a person emprunter qch à qn
to congratulate a person on a thing féliciter qn de qch
to trust in se fier à qn/qch
to be interested in s'intéresser à qch
to make fun of, laugh at se moquer de qn/qch
to mind, take care of, attend to s'occuper de qn/qch
to take a thing from a person ôter/prendre qch à qn
to tell a person about a thing parler à qn de qch
to think of, about penser/songer à qn/qch
to answer for répondre de qch/qn
to blame a person for a thing reprocher qch à qn
to laugh at rire de qn/qch
to serve as servir de qch
to steal a thing from a person voler qch à qn
to bear a grudge against en vouloir à qn
to convert something into changer qch en qch
to change (one thing for another) changer de qch
to agree about something convenir de qch
to suit a person convenir à qn
to fail to do, break one's word manquer à (sa parole)
to lack, be short manquer de qch
to think something of a thing, of a person penser qch de qch/qn
to touch (generally) toucher qn/qch
to touch (handle, tamper with) toucher à qn/qch
Created by: Ami1471