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Luo, Divergent, TM

Questions from Marianne's review

Lung luo (LU7) goes to... thenar eminence
Large Intestine (LI6) luo goes to... teeth and ears (JG says gums)
Stomach (ST40) luo goes to... throat and nape of neck
Spleen (SP4) luo goes to... the intestines
Heart (HT5) luo goes to... Heart, tongue, eyes
Small Intestine (SI7) luo goes to... LI15 (!!)
Urinary Bladder (BL58) luo goes to... "around the other side of calf" (Rachel says to connect with KD luo)
Kidney (K4) luo goes to... Low back, kidneys, *Heart*
Pericardium (P6) luo goes to... the Pericardium ONLY
San Jiao (TB5) luo goes to... breasts (PC1 area)
Gallbladder (GB37) luo goes... down to the feet
Liver (LR5) luo goes to.. external genitalia
Other words for Luo channels Network vessels, collateral vessels, Blood vessels
Emotions (and "garbage") stored in the Luo vessels
These extra channels connect to their Zang Fu organs Divergent channels
Which Tendomuscular channel crosses to other side of head? Large Intestine TM
Heart TM channel goes to umbilicus (CV8)
Spleen TM channel goes to umbilicus (CV8)
Pericardium TM channel goes to... diaphragm
Ren crosses Du @ (inside mouth; GV28)
Du crosses Ren @ CV1
Muscle Meeting Point... of 3 Leg Yang SI18 ("cheekbone" or zygomatic arch)
Muscle Meeting Point... of 3 Arm Yang ST8/GB13 ("temple")
Muscle Meeting Point... of 3 Arm Yin GB22
Muscle Meeting Point... of 3 Leg Yin CV3 (some say CV2) "pubic bone"
True or False: HT divergent channel connects with small intestine False (HT divergent ONLY goes to Heart)
San Jiao divergent channel begins @ GV20
True or False: All leg Yang (regular channels) go to Heart True
The Ren (CV15) luo goes to... down and out through diaphragm
The Du (GV15) luo goes to... up along sides of spine (the "Jia Ji" points!?) to BRAIN (!)
Created by: mrbarr