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Arkansas Advanced Spreadsheets Unit 7-Developing a Worksheet Application

Comment A text box that is attached to a specific cell in a worksheet; used for documentation or notes
Data validation A set of rules that determine what users can enter in a specific cell or range
Defined name A word or string of characters associated with a single cell or range
Digital signature An electronic version of a written signature that provides a way to authenticate a workbook
Error alert message A message that appears if a user tries to enter a value in a cell that does not meet its validation rule
Input message A message that appears when a user clicks a cell; can be used to specify the type of data to enter in the cell
Locked property A setting that determines whether changes can be made to a cell
Macro A series of stored commands that can be run whenever you need to perform the record task
Macro security A setting that control how macros will be used when opening a workbook
Macro virus A type of virus that uses a program's own macro programming language to distribute the virus
Module In VBA a collection of sub procedures
Name A word or string of characters associated with a single cell or range
Personal macro workbook A hidden workbook named Personal.xlsb that opens and stores commonly used macros
Protect worksheet To limit user access to certain parts of a workbook and the ability to make changes in the workbook to reduce data entry errors
Sub procedure In VBA, a macro procedure that performs an action on a project or workbook, such as formatting a cell or displaying a chart
Trust center A central location for all the security settings
Validation rule A statement that defines criteria for the data that can be stored in a cell or range
Visual basic editor A separate program that works with the products to edit and manage VBA code
Visual Basic of Applications (VBA) A programming language
Created by: Jame Pearce