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Arkansas Advanced Spreadsheets Unit 3-Working with Charts and Graphics

Bar chart A column chart turned on its side so each bar length is based on its value
Category values The group or category to which a series value belongs
Chart graph that provides a visual representation for the workbook data
Chart area The entire chart and all the elements contained in the chart or graph, such as the title and legend
Chart sheet A new sheet that is automatically inserted into the workbook, occupies the entire document window, and provides more space and details for the chart
Chart title Term that appears above the plot area and describes the contents of the plot area and the data series
Column chart A type of chart that displays values in different categories as columns; the height of each column is based on its value
Combination chart A chart that combines two or more chart types into a single graph
Data label Text associated with a data value
Data marker The graphical representation of the values in the data series of a chart, including items such as each column in a column chart, the pie slices in a pie chart, and the points used in a XY scatter chart
Data series A range of data values that is plotted as a unit on the chart
Data source Any file that contains the data you want to retrieve
Embedded chart A chart that is displayed within a worksheet and one that you can place alongside the data source, giving context to the chart
Exploded pie chart A chart with one slice moved away from the pie as if someone were taking the piece out of the pie
Graph Another name for chart
Gridlines A line that extends across the plot area indicating the location of tick marks on the chart's horizontal or vertical axes
Group A collection of buttons for related commands; allows changes in one worksheet to affect other worksheets also; allows different shapes to be moved as one shape
Horizontal (category) axis On this axis, or x-axis, are the data series' category values, or x values
Leader line In a pie chart, a line that connects a data label outside of a pie slice to its corresponding label when space limitations force data labels far from its slice
Legend A table on a chart listing and explaining the symbols used
Line chart A chart that compares values from several categories with a sequential order, such as dates and times that occur at evenly-spaced intervals. The values are indicated by the height of the line.
Major tick mark The indication of the major units of increment on the x- or y-axis
Perspective The illusion that some parts of the 3-D chart are farther away from you than others
Pie chart A chart in the shape of a circle that shows data values as percentage of the whole
Plot area A rectangular area containing a graphical representation of the values in the data series
Primary value axis The axis in a column chart that displays the primary values associated with the heights of each column
Resizing handle A square or dot on a selecting box that lets you change an object's width and height
Scale The range of values that spans along an axis
Secondary value axis The axis in a column chart that displays the secondary values associated with the heights of each column
Series name The name of the data series
Series values The actual data displayed in a chart
Vertical (Value) Axis The y-axis where, for example, data values, such as sales values, are plotted
XY scatter chart A chart that shows the patterns or relationship between two or more sets of values
Created by: Jame Pearce