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Arkansas Advanced Spreadsheets Unit 2-Working with Formulas and Functions

Absolute reference Cell reference that points to a specific cell and does not change when copied, appears with a dollar sign ($) before each column and row designation
Argument Specifies the numbers, text, or cell references used by the function to calculate a value
AutoFill A tool that enable you to copy the contents of the selected cells by dragging the fill handle over another adjacent cell or range of cells rather than using the Copy and Paste commands.
Date function A category of functions that store and calculate dates as numeric values, representing the number of days since January 1, 1900
Financial function A category of functions that calculate values from loans and investments
IF function A logical function that returns one value if the statement is true and another value if the statement is false
Interest The amount charged for lending money
Logical function A category of functions that tests, or evaluates, whether a condition, usually entered as an expression, is true or false
Mixed reference Cell reference that contains both relative and absolute references
Nested Functions or other parts of a formula placed inside another function
PMT function The financial function to calculate the amount paid into an investment or loan during each payment period
Principal The amount of money being loaned
Relative reference In a formula, the address of a cell range based on the position of the cell that contains the formula and the cell the formula refers to. When copied, the reference is adjusted to reflect the new location of the cell containing the formula
Simple interest The type of interest in which the interest paid is equal to a percentage of principal for each period that the money has been lent
Created by: Jame Pearce