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Two Towers Book III

Two Towers Book III Study Guide

What does Aragorn find on the ground while pursuing the Hobbits? Elven Brooch
Who was the Third Marshall of Riddermark? Eomer
What is the mark of Saruman? A white hand
Who does Merry and Pippin meet in the Fangorn Forest? Treebeard
Who is the King of Rohan? Theoden son of Thengel
Who is Theoden's niece? Eowyn
What is the meeting of the Ents called? Entmoot
Who was Theoden's advisor under Saruman's control? Grima Wormtongue
How did Pippin cut his bonds loose? A knife from the belt of a fallen Orc
What tribe is Ugluk the leader of? Uruk-hai
Wizard's Vale Nan Curunir
What is the effect the Orcs Liquor has on the Hobbits? Gives them strength
Where did the company find Merry and Pippin? Gates of Isengard
Name given to Gandalf by Eomer Greyhame
House of Theoden Meduseld
Another name given to Ents Onodrim
Goblin who tried to capture Merry and Pippin Grishnakh
What was tossed out the window by Wormtongue Palantir
Edoras Capital of Rohan
Flowers that grow where dead men rest through all seasons Evermind
Mearas Great Horses of Rohan
What did Theoden call Gandalf? Stormcrow
Son of Theoden Theodred
Lathspell Ill news
Dwimordene Lorien
Herugrim Theoden's Sword
Where is Boromir from and who is his father? Minas Tirith and Denethor
How and where do Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimili honor Boromir's body? Lay him in a boat with his weapons & weapons of his vanquished foe; Falls of Rauros
Anduril Flame of the West
Don't be hasty. Ent's perspective on living
Treebeard Fangorn
What happens to Merry and Pippin when they drink Entwash? Grow taller.
Who does Treebeard want to find? Entwives
What thought did not occur to Sauron concerning the ring? That the Fellowship would want to destroy it.
Where Gandalf goes after waking on the summit of Celebdil. Lothlorien
Eorl of Young Forefather of Edoras
Tower at Helm's Deep. Hornburg
Gandalf and Pippin are heading towards what city? Minas Tirith
Where the chief and master palantir was located. Osgiliath
Told Gandalf that Merry & Pippin were captured by orcs. Gwaihir
Tom Bombadil and Treebeard Eldest
Aragorn's path Galdriel's message
Huorns Orc crushers
Where good pipeweed grows. The Shire
What is most dangerous of Saruman? His voice.
Kings of Gondor Palantir belongs to
Made the palantiri Noldor (Feanor)
Where Sauron stole his palantir Minas Ithil
History of world and its beauty Gandalf would look at what in the palantir?
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