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Ch11 Sutures


BB Blue Baby
BIF Intraocular Fixation
BN Bunnell
BP Blunt Point
BV Blood Vessel
BVH Blood Vessel Half
C Cardiovascular
CC Calcified Cornary
CCS Conventional Cutting Sternotomy
CE Cutting Edge
CFS Conventional For Skin
CIF Cutting Intraocular Fixation
CP Cutting Point
CPS Conventional Plastic Surgery
CPX Cutting Point Extra Large
CS Corneal-Scleral
CSB Corneal-Scleral Bi-Curve
CSC Corneal-Scleral Compound Curve
CT Circle Taper
CTB Circle Taper Blunt
CTX Circle Taper Extra Large
CTXB Circle Taper Extra Large Blunt
CV Cardiovascular
DC Dura Closure
DP Double Point
EN Endoscopic Needle
EST Eyed Straight Taper
FN For Tonsil
FS For Skin
FSL For Skin Large
FSXL For Skin Extra Large
G Greishaber
GS Greishaber Spatula
J Conjunctive
KS Keith Straight
LH Large Half
LR Larger Retention
LS Large Sternotomy
M Muscle
MF Modified Fergusan
MH Medium Half (circle)
MO Mayo
MOB Mayo Blunt
OPS Ocular Plastic Surgery
OS Orthopedic Surgery
P Plastic
PC Precision Cosmetric
PS Plastic Surgery
RB Renal (artery) Bypass
RD Retinal Detachment
RH Round Half (circle)
RV Retinal-Vitreous
S Spatula
SC Straight Cutting
SFS Spatulated For Skin
SH Small Half (circle)
SIF Ski Intraocular Fixation
SKS Sternotomy Keith Straight
SM Spatulated Module
ST Straight Taper
STB Straight Blunt
STC Straight Cutting
STP Straight Taper Point
TE Three Eighths
TF Tetralogy of Fallot
TG Transverse Ground
TGW Transverse Ground Wide
TN Trocar Needle
TP Taper Pericostal/Point
TPB Taper Pericostal/Point Blunt
TS Tendon Straight
TQ Twisty Q
UCL 5/8 Circle Colateral Ligament
UR Urology
URB Urology Blunt
V TAPERCUT Surgical Needle
VAS Vas Deferens
X or P Exodontal (dental)
XLH Extra Large Half (circle)
XXLH Extra Extra Large Half (circle)
Created by: E.Ochoa