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TCMH - Yellow (ch 2)

MATERIA MEDICA: Chapter 2 Herbs

HerbPropertiesChannelsCharacteristicsIndicationsEnglish NameLatin NameOther Notes
She Gan bitter, cold LU clears heat toxin, reduces swelling of the throat, transforms phlegm swelling & pain of the throat due to fire excess, fire toxin, or phlegm-heat obstruction; cough & wheezing with phlegm obstruction Belamcanda Rhizome Does NOT stop bleeding!
Qing Hao bitter, cold LI, LV, GB clears all types of yin-level heat w/o injuring the qi, blood, or yin summerheat, fever from deficiency, steaming bone disorder; alternating fever & chills of malarial disorder Artemisia / Sweet Wormwood
Di Gu Pi sweet, bland, cold LU, LV, KI eliminates heat from both excess & deficiency in the blood; steaming bone disorder w/ sweating; cools the LU drains KI fire, eliminates lurking heat, clears heat from bones; LU heat cough or wheezing; genital itching Lycium Bark
Bai Wei bitter, salty, cold LU, ST, KI cools the blood, reduces heat from deficiency w/o injuring the yin fluids or blood; vents pathogens; facilitates urination ying or blood-level heat, yin deficient fever, persistant summertime fever in children, postpartum fever; hot or painful bloody urinary dribbling; toxic sores, painful throat Cynanchi Root
Yin Chai Hu sweet, slighty cold LV, ST clears heat from deficiency & heat due to childhood nutritional impairment fire from deficiency & steaming bone disorder; yin deficient fever; childhood nutritional impairment due to accumulation w/ heat Stellaria Root
Hu Huang Lian bitter, cold LV, ST, LI clears heat from both excess & deficiency, cools blood, dries dampness yin deficiency w/ heat signs; childhood nutritional impairment; damp head dysenteric disorder or sores Picrorhiza Rhizome
Tu Fu Ling sweet, bland, neutral LV, ST Removes damp-heat, resolves toxicity, eases the joints joint pain, turbid & painful urination, damp-heat jaundice; damp-heat from the skin; recurrent ulcers, other hot skin lesions Smilax Good for mercury exposure.
Chui Pen Cao sweet, bland, slighty sour, cool LV, GB, SI clears heat, resolves toxicity, promotes the resolution of dampness, reduces jaundice abscesses, swelling, sores, swollen sore throat; snakebites & burns; jaundice due to LV/GB damp-heat Hanging Stonecrop
Ji Xue Cao bitter, acrid, cold LV, SP, KI clears damp-heat, resolves toxicity, reduces swelling sores & abscesses, red eyes from wind-fire, swollen sore throat, painful urinary dribbling; traumatic injury w/ blood stasis, swelling & pain Centella
Ban Zhi Lian acrid, slightly bitter, cool LV, LU, ST clears heat toxin & dampness, relieves stasis, promotes urination furuncles, sores, abcesses; snakebites, trauma; digestive tract cancer & hepatitis, trauma, vomitting blood, nosebleeds, painful bloody urinary dribbling Bearded Scutellaria For edema in the middle jaio.
Ma Bo Acrid, neutral LU lightweight, rises to disseminate & disperse; best for throat disorders due to wind-heat fire toxin affecting the throat w/ pain, swelling, loss of voice; cough due to LU heat; use internally & topically to stop bleeding of oral cavity or lips Puffball
Created by: StephOnnie1313